\'led street lights are disturbing my sleep\'

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
In towns and towns around the world, the color of the night is changing.
White LED lights are steadily replacing traditional sodium yellow street lamps.
The new lights use less energy, greatly reducing carbon emissions and saving money.
But not everyone is happy.
\"When the leaves leave the trees and I try to sleep, I turn to one side and the light flashes in my eyes.
\"Like most of us, Karen Snyder has never really focused on street lights.
But last year, when the City Council began installing LED lights outside her home in a quiet corner of Washington, DC, it all changed.
In addition to lighting up the light in her bedroom, 63-year-
The room of her old teacher who watched TV is now bathed in something like a strong moonlight.
\"It\'s like there\'s light coming in.
Like blue light.
On the sofa.
If you sit down, the moon will be above the house and you will feel the beauty of the moon.
It shines in your eyes, so it is very different from the moon.
The moon will not enter the window so low.
\"Her friend Delores Bushong said her sleep was also disturbed by LED street lights outside her home and is now one of the main opponents of the city\'s new lighting.
She was worried that they would spoil the atmosphere on her back porch, and in the hot summer she loved to relax after dark in the hammock.
\"In some sort of torture, they have been illuminating someone\'s face,\" she said . \".
\"Will I suffer a torment forever?
It makes no sense to me.
You can save money because we have new technology.
\"Pu Song became very good --
Jargon proficient in color temperature (
Measured in Kelvin)
Light intensity (
In terms of lumens)
When she tries to get the city to take her concerns seriously.
She wants 4,000, at least.
She compares the nearby Kelvin light bulb to the harsh lighting in the prison yard and will be replaced by a lower Kelvin rated bulb that looks and feels closer to the old high-
Pressure Sodium bulb.
The city insists it is listening to the concerns of her campaign team, but there is no way back for the led parade.
\"There are a lot of reasons for the city to switch to LED lights,\" said Seth Miller Gabriel, director of the office of public-private partnerships in Washington, DC.
\"One, no, it\'s the cost-
50% or more in the life cycle of this new light.
The lights last longer.
So we saved at least 50% of the electricity, we saved the maintenance cost and we got a better lighting solution.
\"There is also environmental benefit:\" We estimate that in the Colombian region we can save 71,000 by switching 30 million street lamps to LEDs (13,600 tonnes)
\"We don\'t use electricity to light coal for a year,\" he said . \".
Miller Gabriel believes that many cities
Residents move around in communities that have never been properly lit, making crime worse in the shadows.
He dreams of a world where every street lamp is LED.
He may have lived long enough.
So far, about 10% of street lights in the United States have been remodeled, but the Department of Energy estimates that if the whole country is switched to LEDs for the next 20 years, then in these 20-year period.
Cities in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region are following this path, and in China, the central planning authority is carrying out a conversion plan that is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 48 million tons a year.
Against these statistics, the movement against led sounds like Luddites, against scientific progress, but they insist that they have a strong reason.
They pointed out a recent report by the American Medical Association (AMA)
This warning says that the first generation is high-
Intensity led used in many cities around the world, including New York, can adversely affect circadian rhythms, resulting in reduced sleep duration and quality, \"impaired daytime functioning\" and obesity.
The AMA report calls for the lowest use of cities-
It warns that intensity LEDs may make them better to reduce glare, which can also hurt wildlife.
Seth Miller Gabriel said the report does not contain original research, \"more of a literature review of articles published elsewhere \".
\"We really want to see more concrete evidence about these lights,\" he said . \".
\"If this is really a problem depending on the specific light intensity, we would like to know that.
The AMA report did not provide us with the hard data we needed. on which]
The basis of large-scale procurement.
\"He is overseeing the bidding process for the next phase of LED conversion in Washington, and he promises to do it in a more sensitive way, with lower Kelvin ratings, better shadows and remote controls, so at different times, the lights can dim or increase the intensity to meet the needs of a particular block.
But he added: \"To be honest, humans are not designed for change.
So when we go home and see a different light
Even a better light, there will be a reaction
\"Oh my God, this is another light, what happened?
\"It is true that many of the same arguments against LED lights were heard in early 1970, when the city was shifting to yellow sodium lamps that we are so familiar with today. High-
Pressure sodium bulbs use less energy than the mercury steam bulbs they replace.
But some of the most famous activists are Vancouver.
At that time, artist Ralf Kelman believed that their \"anti-corrosion Orange\" light was too bright to damage the growth of small trees and block the stars in the night sky.
Although some researchers say the arguments for light pollution are also used against LEDs, they can significantly improve the visibility of stars if guided properly.
But for some, this debate is not just a dry debate about Kelvin ratings, light pollution and carbon emissions, but also about the quality of urban life --
Residents should expect.
The novelist Lionel Schrever said: \"When the lights are light and light, you will have a feeling of peace and meditation, aesthetic happiness in the world . \" She is running a campaign against the led in the South Brooklyn community, where she spent part of the year.
\"I\'m not the one who believes she can stop the led parade.
The energy savings are too great.
The savings of money are too big.
It wouldn\'t stop these things if we just said, \'But it\'s not pretty.
\"The fact is that led technology has made amazing progress, so there is no longer a need to make serious choices between economy, environment and aesthetics.
You can both.
\"Especially in New York, what is happening in some cities, which is what I am most familiar with, is equivalent to a widespread act of civil destruction.
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