How does solar lawn light open up a broader world?

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-13
How does solar lawn light open up a broader world?

No matter which city or place you are in, lighting can be seen everywhere. Because of street lamps, we are not afraid of the darkness at night. For a long time, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and some metal halide Objects have always played a leading role in road lighting. With the development of society, development and research have opened up a broader world in the solar lighting industry.

The advantages of solar street lights in applications are still very good, with good heat dissipation. In the past, the market generally used light source products with low lumen, fast light decay, short life, color temperature deviation, and different light colors. However, LED solar lawn lights mainly use LEDs, which solves the heat dissipation design and power regulator. The main technical issues such as system design can improve the luminous efficiency and prolong the service life.

Nowadays, there are many light source products on the market, and the stability has become a special concern of street lamp manufacturers. The glare index control puts forward strict requirements on solar lawn lamps, which require solar lighting manufacturers to strictly control the design of lamps and light distribution. Well controlled.
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