The use of solar street lights can be bright at night

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-11
The use of solar street lights can be bright at night
With the inexhaustible update of urban outdoor street lights, a number of solar street lights have emerged on the market to operate light energy to generate lighting. The solar street lights currently at the forefront of the industry have not only replaced traditional sodium lights and ordinary city circuit lights. Solar street lights have the most advantages of constant quality, high luminous efficiency, no pulling wires, zero electricity bills, and zero management. Its remarkable characteristics are that there is no restriction on rainy and rainy days, 365 days of wind and rain, and the light is still bright at night. Most of the energy needed by mankind comes directly or indirectly from solar radiation. The growth of solar energy technology is based on the transformation of operating energy in a limited space. LED solar street lights have been studied and studied for many years. It is mature, the product quality remains unchanged, and the performance is superior. It is a good product recognized by many customers. The whole lamp of the solar lighting street lamp is made of imported high-performance photovoltaic panels, high-brightness LED light source, energy storage battery and other high-quality raw materials. The light source adopts the principle of secondary light distribution and reflective light mixing, so that the LED luminous efficiency is improved, and the working current is small. Low temperature rise, 0 light decay in 3 years, long service life, and safer low-voltage power supply. The solar street lamp has a remarkable feature. Because the whole lamp adopts the low-light power supply scheme, 365 days of rain or rain, the night and night light will remain bright. When the battery capacity is saturated, the street lamp center illuminance is ≥30LUX; the installation is random, and the installation of the lamp has no angle requirements for out-of-standard purpose. It can be installed flat, and the angle of installation is recommended to be adjusted between 5-25°.
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