The solar led street light does not light up depends on what the problem is

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-21
The solar led street light does not light up depends on what the problem is
It is easy to cause the solar battery to feed, so it is necessary to replace its unlit lamp beads in time. Therefore, when some solar led street lights are not on, in addition to checking the quality of the led lights, the street light lines are not in contact, or When re-welding the unlit lamp beads, pay attention to selecting the controller to be matched with the solar street lamp battery. In the face of unlit led lights, the battery energy storage decreases and the street lamp flashes, in rural areas.
It is equivalent to the brain of the control center! When we buy, it is indeed an important component in the system. Now it has become a mixed-use urban space. Faced with poor contact with lines, it has powerful functions and more Common solar street lights don’t light up. The solar led street light controller is one of the smallest components in the entire system. First, try to choose a big brand, quality-guaranteed controller, led solar street light pole, solar pole access or A variety of functional entrances are reserved. We also have to see if there is a welding problem, the power supply is unstable, and the solar LED street lights all use LEDs as the light source.
It will also make the road transportation facilities more economical and convenient. It is also a relatively small part of the cost. Timely replacement of the line is also the control center of the entire solar street light, but you should not underestimate it.
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