The importance of solar street light heat dissipation

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-07
The importance of solar street light heat dissipation
At this moment, most of the solar street lights use LED as the light source, but the LED lights will emit light and fever when the electricity passes smoothly. Under normal circumstances, the main source of fever is when the current passes through the LED in a large amount. Therefore, the length of use of solar street lamps for heat dissipation is very important. It is important to know that if the solar road lamp has poor heat dissipation, it will accelerate the life of the LED lamp, and affect the lighting effect, and the long-term poor heat dissipation will increase the LED light attenuation; third, the accumulation of fever will cause the lamp holder and other related equipment to age. Affect. Therefore, the LED solar street lamp needs to dissipate heat, and the lamp body must use an all-aluminum lampshade. The solar street lamp with higher power will also use an aluminum lamp holder, and depict a shape with a faster heat dissipation effect and increase the heat dissipation area. Of course, if solar street lights need to dissipate heat, they can also be adjusted by the controller to reduce the LED fever, which can save energy and reduce the fever. Solar street lights get good heat dissipation, which can improve its brightness, service life and long anti-cloudy and rainy days.
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