Talking about what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing solar street light solar street l

by:Litel Technology     2022-05-20
What aspects should I pay attention to when purchasing solar street light? First of all, before purchasing, we should let ourselves have some knowledge about solar street light to pave the way, and have a certain understanding of its own value to have a certain ability to judge. As a high-value product, street lights can be purchased from some reputable and powerful manufacturers. Even if the price is higher, the product quality and service life can be guaranteed. You can buy with confidence. Large companies focus on corporate reputation, and will not destroy their reputation accumulated over the years because of one or two orders. I am afraid that those traders without registered capital or small companies without corporate reputation will not care about the 3721. When the customer talks about the configuration requirements, they promise that there is no problem, no problem, the price is quite low, and the customer's money is obtained. Now, the product uses a low-cost configuration at a very low cost, stealing a little from the lamp pole, stealing a little from the battery, insufficient power of the solar panel, and even a discount on the wattage of some lamp beads, how can such a product not be cheap , but how can it be used well, how can it ensure a long life, and if there is a problem, go to the manufacturer, the warranty is just a piece of paper, and they don't even have a factory, where can I find it? In the end, it is still a word, rational consumption, reasonable purchase! Yangzhou Global Solar has always paid attention to product quality and adhered to the tenet of 'quality is the life of the enterprise'. Continue to grow and develop in the competition. 'Quality first, reputation first, customer first' is our consistent tenet, and 'survive by quality, seek benefit from management' is our corporate creed, and we wholeheartedly provide the best services to our new and old customers. The company has obtained the third-level installation qualification and safety license, and customers are welcome to borrow and cooperate. We are willing to provide customers with high-quality products and solar power system solutions with strong strength, superb technology and perfect service.
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