derbyshire county council to spend £23m on led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-28
It will cost more than 23 pounds to convert street lights from one county into led to help cut electricity bills.
Derbyshire Council approved plans to replace 68,000 led bulbs, reducing energy costs and maintenance costs. The Labour-
The leading committee said it hoped it would start saving in about seven years.
Conservatives support the plan, but they fear that some lights will go out and will never change.
Councillor Joan Dixon, a Cabinet member in charge of street lights, said: \"The total cost is about £ 23. 3m.
But in the lighting changes that we are going to change, most of us have to change anyway because they are about to end their natural life.
\"About 78% of the street lights, more than 68,000 of the street lights will get a new LED bulb, the lamps and lampshades will be replaced when the old bulb goes out, and the policy of turning off the lights will be changed.
Another 22% of the lights are more than 6 metres high, which the council says makes the LED lights too expensive.
According to a report from the cabinet of Parliament, the plan will save about 1 pound.
The current energy price is 2 million.
Tory leader Barry Lewis said he supported the idea, but he was concerned that the process would be delayed when the bulb needed to be replaced, and that some might never be replaced.
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