dark reality of led street lighting project

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-28
After hype about the installation of LED lights, street lights in the city seem to become more complex and unpredictable.
GHMC officials and officials from the executive bodies of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
, Can guarantee the actual number of LED street lights working at any given point in time.
On Friday, for example, on the same night that the company proved that 98% street lamps were working in the city, the entire road on Raj Bhavan Road fell into darkness.
Citizen Activist and IT employee Harish Daga, who has been tenaciously pursuing the company on LED street lights, recorded that lights in at least 17 locations that night were not working --
Old MLA dorm, Secretariat Road, Tank Bund, Mehdipatnam, Masab Tank, movie Nagar, No.
Mount banhala, 12 Jubilee Hills Road
Mount Jubilee checkpoint, Route 56
Moon Banjara Hills, Punjagutta, Irrum Manji, Begum pet, necklace, Lakdi-ka-
Pul, regional trade agreement, Khairatabad and Musheerabad.
Tsunami investigation GHMC\'s report is based on the \"tsunami investigation\" involving GHMC and EESL officials after Commissioner M\"
Order Dana Kishore.
They reportedly identified 20,450 non-members
Functional street lights and 140 CCMS (
Command and control management system
Box that has been closed.
During the week, they claimed that all the lights had been replaced and that the wires were repaired in addition to restoring the CCMS box.
However, this effect cannot be seen on the ground.
According to sources, the city\'s LED system has not even reached a mandatory 98% in the past 10 months since its installation.
However, up to now, GHMC has paid EESL 26 crore, although under the agreement, the agency should only be paid for at least 55% of the energy savings, at a rate of 98%.
\"The payment is based on the amount of energy units that will be charged if we use traditional lighting at the same rate of light achieved by LED,\" an official said . \".
However, for the amount to be calculated, the LED luminous rate should be proved without a doubt, which has not been done so far.
It is not clear how much of the energy saved is owed. glowing lights.
Installed in more than 4 operating ranges.
By last April, the city\'s lakh LED street lamps and their cost savings will hover around 50% for the company.
Centralized control and monitoring of lights using CCMS Software. Mr.
However, the CCMS only connected 3, 67, 691 lamps, which made the 51,355 lamps not yet connected, Daga said.
He said the rate of hair does not exceed 60%.
He claims that the dashboard that claims to automatically display the exposure to any citizen can be manipulated.
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