The price of solar garden lights urges the expansion of batteries

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-14
The price of solar garden lights urges the expansion of batteries

   The thickness change caused by the lithium ion insertion process of the solar garden lamp causes the expansion. This is because the lithium ion will be extracted from the positive electrode and inserted into the negative electrode when the lithium ion battery is charged. The phenomenon of battery cell expansion in ion batteries. The rule here is that the thicker the cell, the greater the expansion. Unreasonable process parameters in the process of lithium battery cell processing and poor process control are also an important reason for cell expansion. This is because in the manufacturing process of the battery cell, changes and inaccuracies in the presence of slurry separation, compaction density, negative ratio, temperature control, electrolyte volume, and internal pressure of the battery will cause the expansion of the battery cell. Especially water, it is necessary to strictly control the dosage and related parameters, because the highly active lithium-carbon compound formed by charging is very sensitive to water. Once they meet, they will have a fierce chemical reaction and generate gas, which will cause the internal pressure of the battery to increase. The expansion of the battery cell. Therefore, in the production process of lithium batteries, in addition to strictly dehumidifying the pole pieces, dehumidification equipment should be used in the liquid injection process.

   Batteries that use lithium metal or its alloy metal as the negative electrode material and use a non-aqueous electrolyte solution are secondary batteries composed of two compounds that can reversibly intercalate and deintercalate lithium ions as the positive and negative poles. Lithium batteries are charged and discharged through the chemical reaction of the positive and negative electrodes. When the battery is charged, the lithium atoms in the cathode are ionized into lithium ions and electrons, and the lithium ions move toward the anode to synthesize lithium atoms with the electrons. During discharge, lithium atoms are ionized from the anode in the graphite crystal into lithium ions and electrons, and lithium atoms are synthesized at the cathode. Therefore, the lithium in this battery is always presented in the form of lithium ion, and will not be presented in the form of metallic lithium, so this battery is called a lithium ion battery.

   can use the DC voltage file of the multimeter to detect the positive and negative of the battery To see if the light source is on, you can determine the positive and negative poles of the light source's wires (the light source does not turn on after the positive and negative poles of the light source are connected reversely. Years of solar street lamp production experience, to create the most professional solar street lamp manufacturer, contact number: 13805257308., will not damage the light source, you can test the lamp at ease), and finally use the multimeter DC voltage file to check out the positive and negative poles of the solar panel (the reason is the same as the test The positive and negative poles of the battery). Through this test, it will also be found whether each component of the solar street light system is faulty. If there is no fault, the wiring can be connected according to the wiring requirements of the controller. At the same time, attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof to avoid damage to the controller.
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