The installation of underground lights needs to remember several points

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-21
The installation of underground lights needs to remember several points
In the process of sending samples, the buried lamp must be tested to ensure that the waterproof level of the lamp is above IP67. Its waterproof inspection method: put the buried lamp in the water basin, the glass surface is 5cm away from the water surface, and the test runs for 48 hours after power on. Turn on the lockout action five or six times every two hours to check the waterproof condition when heated and cooled. The connection of the wire should be sealed well: the connection port of the general lighting buried lamp has a special sealing rubber ring and a stainless steel fastener. First, pass the cable through the rubber ring, and then tighten the stainless steel fastener until the wire cannot be pulled out of the sealing rubber ring, and enter at the same time. A waterproof junction box must be used when connecting the wire and the lead. After the wiring is completed, the edge of the junction box is glued and sealed or the internal wax is filled. The underground water seepage measures should be taken during construction. For the LED buried lights installed in the lawn area, the trapezoidal column-shaped embedded parts with a small upper mouth and a large lower mouth should be used, and the barrel-shaped embedded parts should be used for hard areas. Make a permeable layer of gravel and sand under an underground lamp. After the buried lamp is installed, open the cover and cover the lamp after half an hour to keep the inner cavity of the lamp in a certain vacuum state. Operate the outdoor atmospheric pressure to press the seal ring of the lamp cover.
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