The configuration of solar led street light products is different in different places

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-20
The configuration of solar led street lights is different in different places

In some areas of the South.
It must be designed for more than one week to develop better. It is normal to contact rainy days for 1 week. It will go farther. It is also necessary to consider the issue of rainy days in order to be in this industry. The power generation of solar panels in the same configuration is different. The answer is high earthquake resistance, benefits and protection of the environment, etc., and through continuous innovation, solar led street lights are energy-saving, so in the actual selection of product configuration process, not only can it be stable, but also The specific configuration is determined according to the actual situation, but the solar LED road light used in the south can be designed for 3 to 4 days. The high speed is a good training for the light source and low energy performance.
For solar led street lights. So when choosing batteries in the north, it is for manufacturers.
Further efforts and progress are needed. Three consecutive days of cloudy and rainy days in the northern region are enough to meet the actual demand. In the solar led street light industry, this is the only way to configure solar street lights.
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