Talking about what to pay attention to when buying solar street light solar street lig

by:Litel Technology     2022-05-20
With the continuous emergence of solar street light products, the competitiveness of the market continues to increase. In order to gain a firm foothold in this competition and retain more customers, many suppliers have started price wars. Although they meet the customer's price demand, they cannot give the customer the quality assurance they really need. In order to save costs, some manufacturers make a big fuss about the accessories of solar street light. The vast majority of suppliers will purchase from some irregular manufacturers, and they will be short on the power of the battery panels, resulting in insufficient power generation of the panels, resulting in the solar street light not working properly; they also take the method of reducing the battery capacity to recharge Well, cost reduction, unjust enrichment; and among all accessories of solar street light, the cost is relatively low, but it has the highest failure rate. There are many manufacturers of light sources, but there are not too many manufacturers that pass the quality inspection. Some manufacturers often use low-cost means to sell, and the products may fail or even be damaged in a short period of time, which has caused great problems for the application of solar street light. big negative impact. Most of the suppliers use low-quality steel, the diameter and wall thickness of the pipes are short, and the surface is cold galvanized, resulting in poor wind resistance and poor surface treatment, which will cause the plastic layer to fall off and fade in a short time. After these low-end products have been used for a period of time, the configuration is damaged and cannot work normally, and the brightness continues to decrease until the light is dead.
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