Reasons for the low-quality use of solar street lights in the new countryside

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-09
Reasons for the low-quality use of solar street lights in the new countryside
With the great advancement of new rural construction in recent years, the new rural area has become the main market for solar street lights. However, many of the new rural solar street lights are purchased by the government in a unified manner, and some are poverty alleviation projects. The purchaser and the end user are not the same group. Moreover, the rural areas have low requirements for the use of street lights, and the lack of supervision has led to a flood of low-quality solar street lights in the new rural areas. Among them, some bad solar street lamp manufacturers use shoddy charging and low prices to compete viciously. In addition, after the solar street lights were put into the rural areas of Fanbo, the coverage was wide and it was very difficult to maintain and guarantee later. As a result, after one or two years of rural solar street lights were put into use in many locations, the warranty period just expired, and they immediately faced the problem of large areas of lights being turned off and no one was repaired and maintained. Fanbo’s rural areas do not have high technical requirements for solar street lights, which has led to slow technological upgrading and disruption in the industry. Secondly, in order to prevent defeat and win the bid at the lowest price, the manufacturers had to reduce costs and fail to produce good products; secondly, the competent authority had to do more with the funds allocated by the authorities to play a greater role, and to do more to lower prices. purchase. Finally, unscrupulous manufacturers have no sense of brand awareness and social responsibility. After a few years, they register a new company from scratch and continue to do evil and disrupt the solar market.
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