docs issue warning about led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Bright white LED street light
This type is installed on six streets in Toronto as a trial run for potential cities --wide roll out —
An American organization of doctors says it makes it harder for drivers to see and for nearby residents to fall asleep.
American Medical Association (AMA)
The street lamp guide for the recommended color temperature (CCT)
Kelvin is less than 3,000 (K)
So the light is warm, yellow.
Not too blue or cool.
According to Toronto Hydro, the CCT of LED street lamps used in six pilot areas is 4,000 K.
Spokesman Tori Gass said in an email: \"Toronto Hydro knows that the American Medical Association recently released a proposal on LED lightingmail.
\"Since we are still in the testing phase, we will consider the relevant information.
\"LED technology has grown rapidly in the past few years, and Toronto Hydro strives to understand new developments that can improve the quality of service for residents in Toronto.
AMA press conference-
Released on June 14-
\"Improper LED technology can have adverse consequences.
And energy-
Efficient Lighting does save money and electricity, and it can have harmful effects on people and the environment, AMA said. “High-
\"The strength LED lighting design will emit a lot of blue light, the naked eye looks white and will produce a night glare worse than the traditional lighting,\" the press release said . \".
\"Strong, blue discomfort and disability --
Rich LED lighting can reduce vision and safety, causing concern and causing road hazards.
AMA pointed out \"blue-
The rich LED street lights suppress melatonin at night, and the study found that this reduces sleep time and quality and damages the function of the day.
It recommends shielding these types of light and possibly darkening during shutdown
Peak time if used.
The AMA guidelines have caused a complex response, and LED industry organizations believe that there is no scientific link between lighting and human health risks.
Toronto Hydro has installed 150 lights on six streets and is currently monitoring quality, performance and energy saving potential, Gass said.
At present, the lights are located on the Silver Birch Avenue.
Dr. South OceanShelburn Avenue, Poynter Dr.
Golden Eagle Trail and King Street.
In the financial district.
\"The public view of lighting is very positive,\" Gass said . \".
\"According to a survey, 86% of customers feel safer in their community after installing new LEDs and are very happy with all aspects of the new lighting plan.
\"LED lights are more reliable, double the warranty on traditional lights, increasing visibility and generating less heat, carbon emissions and light pollution,\" Gass said.
The Toronto Hydro website says the plan will promote LED lighting throughout the city.
However, Gass said there are no plans to extend the LED lights to more communities.
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