discuss led street lights design and its key elements

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
In recent years, the development of various LED light products in Taiwan has been booming, especially in Taiwan and the mainland 2008,E-
D. demonstration of road projects to provide impetus for the sustained growth of the LED industry.
On 2008, the luminous efficiency was 45 lm/W. as of the end of 2009, Led street lamp manufacturers released the luminous efficiency 80lm/W.
Although the product quality is 80 lm/W luminous efficiency, whether it can pass the standard specification requirements announced by CNS15233 at the end of 2008.
Because the timely support of the government has expanded domestic demand, the luminous efficiency of it street lamp products in all walks of life has improved, and once again rose to L-E-
D Street Lamp Industry has made remarkable progress in energy research and development.
We believe that in the near future, the luminous efficiency of led street lamps can be improved, completely replacing the current traditional street lamps in the form of high-pressure sodium lamps.
Among all the current LEDs lamp products, it can be roughly summarized as the extruded aluminum radiator processor, the fin radiator processor, and combined with the heat pipe radiator processor, according to the design of the radiator processor.
The aluminum extrusion heat processor is mostly the appearance of the processor exposed in the lamp.
The advantage of this method is that the cost is relatively low, especially the cost of mold development is more competitive.
However, in the development of high wattage products, we must pay attention to the weight.
Because the public gauge lamp Rod has certain limitations in terms of stress, in high wattage products, fin-type radiators are generally used, or heat pipes are used in the design of heat treatment devices.
In the LED street lamp structure, in addition to developing a thermal processor, another important role is the power supply.
Because the general it lighting products are DC drive mode, the Led street lamp manufacturer must customize the Led lamp products of each style.
However, there are differences according to the national product safety regulations, so we need to adjust the circuit to meet the safety standards for selling products to all parts of the world.
From the experience of our LED street lamp project, the phenomenon of LED street lamp death, most of the proportion is caused by unstable power supply.
Therefore, the product stability of the power supply also affects the LED street lamp used outdoors, and whether it can maintain good sagging control within three years.
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