Two-sided growth of solar street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-12
Two-sided growth of solar street lights
The reason why solar street lights are growing rapidly is that the city’s economy is growing rapidly at this moment, and the demand for electricity is also increasing. Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source. The use of solar energy It can solve the problem of power shortage in urban and rural areas. But the rapid growth of solar street lights has also brought a dual growth nature to its lighting industry. Homogenization and price wars are the most important problems at present. There is obvious polarization. Outdoor solar street lights are simple in shape, and street lamp masters with a sense of design plagiarize each other. It is impossible to achieve major technological breakthroughs, and there are no more styles for consumption.者CHOOSE. Moreover, in the face of industry competition, many solar street lamp manufacturers choose low-cost and disorderly competition. The quality of solar street lamps does not meet the requirements, resulting in less sunlight radiation and insufficient light source power to meet the higher lighting requirements of the city. Therefore, the solar street lamp market is extremely hot, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The solar street lamp itself has grown and used very well, has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and simple installation and maintenance. However, its rapid growth has caused bad behavior in industry competition.
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