Three things you must know about the installation of solar street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-08
Three things you must know about the installation of solar street lights
We go home from get off work at night, no matter how late we are on the way home, there are street lights to illuminate us, even if it is a long time lighting, we don’t have to worry about consuming too much electricity, because most of the road lights around us are Solar street lights are mostly installed in the city. So what should be paid attention to when installing?

First, ensure that the solar panel can get enough light

Whether the solar panel can get enough light is the main factor that affects the intensity of the light. Only when the solar panel absorbs enough solar energy in the day, it can power the electric lamp at night, and the solar street lamp can play its original role. Therefore, when installing solar panels, adjust the inclination angle of the panels according to the actual surrounding environment and the position of the sun to ensure that the panels can absorb the sun's rays to the maximum. Except for the angle of the solar panel, there should be no tall trees around the street lamp to block. Doing these points can ensure that the solar panel can get plenty of light.

Second, wire handling

Solar street lights rely on their own battery panels to absorb sunlight to generate electricity, so there is no need to lay numerous wires for power supply during installation. Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and design of solar street lights and high pole lights. , 20 years of solar street lamp production experience, to create the most professional solar street lamp manufacturer, contact number: 13805257308. , The circuit is simpler, nevertheless, when dealing with wire installation problems, we must carefully install the wires every day, try to avoid the wires entangled with each other, and try to organize the wires in a clear and orderly manner, so that even in the event of a fault patch It is also more convenient at times, and it is arranged into a ball casually. Use insulating tape to fix the place where the wires are connected every day to prevent leakage and cause dangerous disorder.

Third, clean

Because solar street lights are often exposed outdoors, they are easily contaminated with dust, which not only affects the beauty of the street lights, but also affects the normal operation of the street lights when the dust enters the electrical appliances. Therefore, it must be cleaned on schedule.

When installing solar street lights, you must pay special attention to the above details, so as to ensure that the solar street lights can work normally and are not easily damaged.
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