The reasons for the different prices of solar led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-20
The reasons for the different prices of solar led street lights

Do not cut corners.
The price of solar led street lights will naturally decrease. Generally speaking, the suppliers are also relatively stable. Of course, low configuration means low price.
This will bring more profits to customers, and it may also be under the banner of high quality. In fact, the capacity or quality may be exaggerated. The price of solar led street lights should be determined according to the actual configuration. There are also some reasons for this. The same solar street lights have the same configuration. If the difference is too large, the price of solar led street lights varies from one manufacturer to another, and the quality will give you enough.
High configuration is high price, low-quality products, rich experience, the same configuration of the same street lamp, some manufacturers are larger, and some manufacturers have lower prices, and it’s just good to make less or not. , Some solar street lamp manufacturers are more real, avoid detours, and the price of street lamps will not vary too much. No matter where they are, there is no standard pricing, but they have no conscience to say that they have a conscience.
Except for channels.
The process is also more careful. The production process of each Tainengneng street lamp manufacturer is different, which will also affect the price level, because the strength of each manufacturer is different, so different channels can be used lower The price to obtain production materials.
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