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by:Litel Technology     2022-05-20
The street light poles we have seen all have a certain distance, and the distance is also stipulated. It is not to install the street light poles casually, because the distance is too large or too small, which will affect the lighting effect of the street lights. What is the regulation of the distance between the street light poles next to it? At present, there will be various problems with the distance of the street light poles. Because of some shortcomings of the street light poles themselves, there will be some problems when setting the distance. The following is aimed at this Analyze the problem in detail. Improper spacing of street light poles and too large elevation angle of lamps are no longer enough to provide basic functions, and they tend to pursue artistic and tasteful under the premise of satisfying basic functions. Road lighting has become the representative of urban civilization progress and modernization construction. At present, the distance between street lamp poles in some cities is either too large or too dense. According to the different conditions of road density, the distance between light poles is generally between 30 and 40m, but now some distances are as long as 45 to 50m, and the small distance is only more than 20 meters. If the spacing is too large, the uniformity of illuminance will be deteriorated and cause a large amount of spill light; if the spacing is too small, the uniformity will be too good, and the illumination will be too high, resulting in a waste of energy. Cause glare and light pollution to the environment. In addition, although my country's road lighting has made great achievements, there are still some problems that need to be solved urgently. Can not fully implement the national road lighting standard 2.5 Trees block the light to the road. At present, most areas in my country use the horizontal illuminance of the road to evaluate the serious blocking of the light by the trees on both sides of the road, so that the quality of the road lighting emitted by the lamps is because In terms of design and measurement, the brightness index cannot be fully projected on the road surface, resulting in low road illumination. So all a certain difficulty. However, when carrying out road lighting construction, the implementation and implementation of standard tree species should be fully negotiated with the greening management department, and the tree species should be selected reasonably, or there may still be imbalances. Quite a number of urban trunk roads exceed the national standard for transplant or pruning, or reduce The installation height of lamps and the reduction of lamps are standard, but most of the illuminances of branch roads and small streets do not reach the standard spacing stipulated by the state. Through the above introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of the distance of the street light poles, but such a distance does not mean that all street light poles are set up, because the distance of the street light poles in different places is also different. At the same time, a factor that needs to be considered for such a distance is the horizontal illumination of the road surface. Use it as a reference. Some places will be blocked by some trees, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate street light according to the conditions at that time. rod spacing. Yangzhou Global Solar Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of solar street light, LED solar street light, garden lights, landscape lights, high and low pole lights and other outdoor lighting. If you want to pay more attention to solar street light LED solar street light, please pay attention to Yangzhou Global Solar Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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