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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
Jaipur: Rajasthan became the first state to adopt the national plan for Central street lamps (SLNP)
In all of its urban local institutions (ULB).
Almost all traditional street lights have been replaced by LED street lights across the state.
The project is provided by energy efficiency Service Co. , Ltd (EESL)
public energy service company under the power department of the Indian government (GoI)
The country is free.
General manager EESL Saurabh Kumar said in a statement that udabul and Ajmer lead the way to energy efficiency.
EESL has replaced more than 35,000 traditional streets in udabul with an investment of over 25 crore and a 1 reduction in peak load.
At 4,000 KW, the energy saving is 51%.
The project has achieved six energy savings.
Save £ 36 million per year to municipalities over Rs 4. 4 crore.
At Ajmer, EESL invested more than 14 crore and replaced 33,000 lights.
The project here benefits Ajmer with a 58% reduction in peak load over 4 lbs.
Save 6 million energy units and more than 3 units per year.
7 crore savings in currency.
Through the implementation of the project, 0. 152 billion units have been realized so far, and the cost has been saved for Rs city. 60 lakh daily.
State employees claim that this has also resulted in a reduction of 225 tons of carbon dioxide per day.
SLNP was launched in January 5, 2015, including 3.
By March 2019, 5 crore traditional street lights will be replaced by smart and energy-efficient LED street lights.
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