led street lights in all siddipet, gajwel gps

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
In the state, the streets of the two constituencies will be fully illuminated by LED street lights for the first time, thanks to Siddipet.
The issue of the installation of LED street lights was raised at a review meeting held by Chief Minister K.
On February, Chandra sakhalio.
He directed the officer to all the gram panchayats (GPs).
Minister of Irrigation, T.
Harish Rao is interested in the idea of grounded CM.
About two years ago, the Nawabpet pilot project in Hatnoora mandal, Sangaredi district saved a lot of money on electricity bills, and officials had to seriously consider the project.
The Nawabpet pilot project was entrusted to Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd (EESL)—
Joint venture of NTPC Co. , Ltd. , Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrified Corporation and power grid-
Despite the interest shown by some private operators.
There are also many private operators coming out this time, but the government favors EESL.
According to the project, 90% of the street lamps will have 18 watts of LED lamps and 7 watts.
The 5% will have 35 watts of LED fixtures and 2 remaining.
The 5% will have 70 w led lights.
Each 18-watt LED emits lighting equivalent to 40-watt CFL or 200-watt tubelilight.
The 35-watt LED emits lighting equivalent to 70-watt CFL or 350-watt tubeli.
Again, a 70-
The Watt LED glow is equal to 140 w cfl or 700 W tubeliight.
The project will cover the 128G panchayats in the Gajwel constituency and 75 GPs in the Siddipet constituency.
Gajwel up to 17,495 street lamps and 12,271 street lamps from Siddipet will be replaced by LED lighting.
Gajwel Regional Development Bureau (GADA)
The total cost of installing the lights will be borne at an estimated cost of approximately £ 6.
88 crore, including maintenance costs.
The total cost of the BillIn Siddipet constituency is expected to be around £ 4.
83 crore, the district collector will pay 40% of his money, while the balance will be paid by GPs.
Centralized control monitoring system (CCMS)
Will be established by EESL in each village.
\"In the next 10 days, the lights in all GPs will be fixed and then CCMS will be established by the end of this month.
Suresh Babu, Panchayat officer in the Siddipet area, told Hinduism that these will be operational from November 1.
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