How far is solar power for household use

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-14
How far is solar power for household use

China is not only rich in various mineral resources, but also rich in solar energy resources. At present, China’s solar photovoltaic power generation system and solar water heating system are two relatively mature assets. In the application of some public facilities, concentrated solar power (CSP) has been widely used. So how far can solar power be used in homes?

Looking at abroad

   In Oceania in the southern hemisphere, many places are full of sunlight. The relevant authorities have started to support solar home power generation systems more than 30 years ago. So far, solar power homes are very popular in Oceania. There, after a specific household has installed a solar home power generation system, the power-related department of the authority is responsible for installing an energy converter that converts light energy into electrical energy.
  Domestic policy and cost evaluation
  The relevant national policies stipulate that residents will receive a subsidy of 0.42 yuan per unit of electricity generation, and the value-added tax will be halved. Of course, specific provinces, cities, and counties will have different subsidy standards. Of course, you also need to consider the installation cost and loss of solar energy, that is, the annual power generation will be reduced, and also consider how long the state subsidy can last. From the perspective of return on investment alone, the economics of home-built solar power systems are not unsightly. But if you are fond of new technology and new energy operation, Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the production and design of solar street lamps and high-pole lamps. It has 20 years of solar street lamp production experience and builds the most professional solar street lamp manufacturer. Contact number : 13805257308. , Then the choice of photovoltaic power generation is very worthy of the test.
   Installation and precautions
1. Perform a feasibility analysis before installation to evaluate the sunlight radiation environment of the site, the environment of Hengyu, the surrounding environment and the electricity environment of your own home.
2. Calculate the power that the entire home solar system can load, the voltage that can be output, and whether the current is DC or AC.
3. The daily working hours of the ideal system, if it encounters rain and snow, how long can the entire system continue to supply electricity?
4. In the design and construction stage, it is necessary to analyze concretely according to its actual environment.
5. Choose different types of solar panels, such as the material, shape and size of the solar panels, etc., and beauty, unsightly, practicality and safety must be considered.
6. At the stage of integration into the power grid and operation, the user wants the power center to apply, and the power center will sign the relevant contract with the user and conduct the commissioning of the integration into the power grid.
Low-carbon and environmentally friendly living is the green and healthy way of living actively advocated by our society. Therefore, the operation of clean energy such as solar energy is extremely important, and the general trend of solar home use cannot be resisted. We should actively respond. I hope that both the government's policies and the corresponding technological cities will become more and more perfect.
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