Differences in solar street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-10
Differences in solar street lights
At the moment, the technology of solar street lights is gradually improved. It is different from the lighting street lights we used in the past in many places. The traditional street lamps in the past are difficult to mold due to technical constraints, and then use a multi-process method of fighting strength to set the light source one by one, and then deal with technical difficulties. The disadvantage of such outdoor street lights is that they are dry and light-aged after a long time, but they are not used for a long time. However, the use of LED solar street lights at the moment has no such annoyance. At this moment, the lighting solar street lights can completely sample and remove products, and there is no prior technical constraints. The use of solar street lights lies in the reasonable light distribution of solar energy and the integrated heat dissipation of the lamp housing. . Maybe the solar street light at the moment is not as high as the modular street light described before, but it also uses branded chips and power supply components, and the back of the lamp housing has a heat dissipation design. Therefore, the solar street lights used at the moment are still different from the traditional street lights. Solar street lights are highly energy-efficient, have a long service life, are environmentally friendly, and have no glare. The quality of solar street lights has been improved, and technological advances have made solar street lights more expensive. reduce.
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