philips looks to tap opportunities in led street lighting

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
New Delhi, October 13 ()
Philips Lighting hopes that the excavator will be in the plan to convert more than 30 million street lamps into LED
senior company official said a large part of the government-led distribution plan is based on the system.
The company is working with local municipalities to participate in the conversion of traditional lighting to LED (light-emitting diode)system.
\"This is a great opportunity for us, and we are also leading in this area,\" said Sumit Joshi, vice chairman and MD of Philips Lighting India . \".
Government services through energy efficiency Limited (EESL)
Local organizations are encouraged to use LED technology to save energy.
\"There are different numbers.
\"People are talking about 30 million street light spots, but in my opinion there is more because there is no lighting in many parts of the country and more street lights are needed,\" he added . \".
In addition, Philips Lighting is also paying attention to the government\'s plans, also known as Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana of sobagia, the program aims to provide electricity connections to more than 40 million households in rural and urban areas by 2018.
However, Joshi did not share the contribution of government tenders such as EESL in the Indian turnover of Philips Lighting.
\"In EESL, we are in the lead in bidding, but there is a large business outside of EESL.
\"Other businesses have also grown, and EESL is one of our biggest customers,\" said Joshi . \".
According to him, there is a lot of activity in the market segment as consumer housing, connected lighting, B2B business and new offices emerge.
The company has also expanded its connected lighting portfolio through the Hue smart lighting system, and recently opened a global remote operations center in Banagalore.
\"In India, the journey began.
\"This adoption is happening as technology companies want to bring value to their employees and connect them to monitor energy preferences,\" he added . \".
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