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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC)
The LED street lamp project has begun to achieve good results.
Power consumption has been reduced by 52.
41%, even if the project has not been completed. NMC said 1.
total of 128 million.
430,000 street lamps have been converted from sodium vapor lamps to LED lamps.
The municipal authorities plan to complete the installation of the remaining 15,000 street lamps within a month.
An NMC official told the Times of India that the electricity bill for street lamps had dropped to RS2.
28 million rupees a month(Rs27.
36 million rupees a year)
Early billing from RS4.
35 million rupees a month(Rs52.
20 million rupees a year).
This saves RS2.
Euro 0. 07 billion per month(Rs24.
8. 4 million rupees a year).
_ He said that once the whole project is completed, electricity bills will be further reduced.
NMC has replaced 60-watt sodium vapor lamps with 36-watt LED lamps and 60-watt, 105-watt and 120-watt sodium vapor lamps in major roads, plazas and playgrounds with 285-watt LED lights.
In addition to saving electricity by converting to LED, NMC installed a system that dimmed 40% before 10 p. m. and dimmed 50% before midnight.
This is done automatically.
Officials of the National Monetary Commission have added automatic switches-on and switch-
Closing the system will further reduce the power consumption of street lamps.
_ Under the same project, we will install a system to automatically start and switch street lights after sunset. -off by sunrise.
He also said that the timing of the system will also be set appropriately.
For decades, people have been seeing street lights burning before sunset, especially in summer, wasting electricity.
The total cost of the LED project is 470 million rupees, including 277 million rupees for the installation of the LED system.
In addition, the goal of the NMC is to ensure that most street lights are included in the project.
The NMC is spending Rs. 59 billion on infrastructure development, where old power cables and lamp poles will be replaced.
In addition, the National Monetary Commission is spending 280 million rupees on new street lighting infrastructure. -
Construction of inner ring road and subway track corridor.
The NMC is doing all this through eight private companies.
These companies have to operate and maintain street lights for 99 months and pay 106 million rupees for them.
Through all these work, NMC is confident of the normal operation of street lamps.
An official of the National Monetary Commission said the project would bring profits to civil society.
_ 156; NMC will acquire LED street lights, new infrastructure and systems at no cost.
He said the full cost of the project would be recovered from the electricity savings and the high cost of current year maintenance.
However, the project has been delayed to some extent due to delays in obtaining government loan permits, cement concrete projects for inner ring roads, overpasses and subway track construction.
The installation of LED street lights is expected to be completed in August 2018.
The National Meteorological Commission has also issued instructions to private companies to run all these street lamps on solar energy.
Electricity expenditure will be further reduced, but also conducive to the environment.
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