The principle of solar street lamp electric heating conversion

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-06
The principle of solar street lamp electric heating conversion

   Compound semiconductor is composed of two or more substances. It is characterized by a wide variety of materials, complex composition and layout, and relatively difficult to produce single crystals. Compound semiconductors are currently the focus of semiconductor material research and growth Also very fast. It is an important cornerstone for making LED street lamp heads, and various compound semiconductors are used when making LED street lamp heads.

   Manufacturing LED street lamp heads is the same as manufacturing planar transistors and integrated circuits. First, a substrate (or substrate) needs to be generated, and then epitaxy methods (such as liquid phase epitaxy, vapor phase epitaxy, molecular beam epitaxy or metal Organic chemical vapor deposition epitaxy, etc.) to make a PN junction, then chip manufacturing, packaging and other processes, and finally make a qualified LED street lamp. The substrate material and epitaxial material of the LED street lamp head must use compound semiconductors.

   is particularly a growing country and region. Due to the widespread shortage of conventional energy, when looking for alternative energy, the first thing to study and grow is solar energy, especially solar thermal operation.

   Solar energy is converted into electric cabin through thermal energy: This process can be directly converted from thermal energy into electrical energy, such as solar street lights. It can also be indirectly converted from thermal energy to electrical energy. The former includes thermoelectric power conversion and thermionic effect. The latter includes thermoelectric power generation using water or other liquids and air as working fluids. But whether it is a direct or indirect process, both Influenced by the efficiency of Carnot heat engine.

   Solar electric operation. It can be classified according to different uses. Just like solar street lamps, due to the differences in use, the types of solar cells used and their performance can be quite different.

   Solar cell is one aspect of semiconductor optoelectronic devices. It can directly convert light energy into electrical energy. Therefore, it can be operated as an energy converter; on the other hand, it can also convert a changing light signal into a correspondingly changed electrical signal. Therefore, it can also be operated as a photoelectric signal converter.

   The light-to-heat conversion process of the solar radiant energy that people operate to reach the general situation of the earth is life and production. The history is extremely long and the scale is very wide. So far, solar street lights and solar thermal operation are still the most mature technology in solar operation. , One aspect of high conversion efficiency and low price; especially for the heat operation of medium and low temperature, because the grade of heat source and heat load are both low, it is the most economical and reasonable from the effective operation of energy.

The large-scale operation of    too old energy is mainly used for power generation. There are two methods of solar power generation, one is the conversion method of light to heat, and the other is the direct conversion method of light to electricity. Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the production and design of solar street lights and high-pole lights. With 20 years of experience in the production of solar street lights, it has created the most professional solar street light manufacturer. Contact number: 13805257308.
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