The integration of solar street lights achieves a new technological breakthrough

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-12
The integration of solar street lights achieves a new technological breakthrough

   At present, the integrated solar street lamp system has achieved a new technological breakthrough in light efficiency, and the light efficiency has reached 160LM/W or more. The breaking of the integrated solar street lighting effect not only achieves a higher brightness of a uniform wattage, but also provides customers with more cost-effective product options. Not only in terms of the luminous efficiency of solar roads, but also in terms of appearance, waterproof, and even professional connections between cables and components, Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and design of solar street lights, high Pole lamp manufacturer, 20 years of solar street lamp production experience, to create the most professional solar street lamp manufacturer, contact number: 13805257308. , To create high-end quality and extremely high reliability.

   integrated solar street light, using high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery, the life span can reach 5-7 years. Solar energy uses monocrystalline silicon chips with high conversion efficiency, with a conversion efficiency of over 24%. What's more worth mentioning is that in most markets at the moment, the solar integrated street lamp market uses its own charge and discharge controller to achieve solar maximum power tracking, with a follow-up efficiency of up to 99% and a charging efficiency of up to 95%; the output of the lamp is accurate in 5 stages. The dimming function realizes another energy-saving upgrade of green lighting products.

   Originally, customers needed to use 60W lamps, and now 40W integrated solar street lamps can meet the demand. In this way, solar street lights can not only improve the reliability of the system while meeting the brightness requirements, but also save the project investment cost for customers, which is very popular with customers.
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