How about the application prospect of hanging solar garden lights ?
It's still under research. Many solar garden lights makers are carrying out R&D to create new applications. This may take a period. The present application is relatively broad in the world. It enjoys high reputation among users. The application prospect is still promising. The will be contributed to by the investment made by producers and the feedback provided by users and buyers.

After accumulating much industry know-how, Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. has been a probable winner of manufacturing solar powered led street lights. Litel is mainly engaged in the business of decorative garden light and other product series. In order to be more attractive, our Litel has also established a team with professional design experience in solar garden lights industry for years. This product is able to work under rigorous conditions such as heavy rain, snowy days, and thunder. The versatility of this product allows it to fulfill specific requirements for many industries including automotive, aviation, railroad, shipping, agriculture, petroleum and electrical. Adopting a recyclable Li-ion battery, it causes no pollution to the environment.

Litel believes that seeking truth and being pragmatic can help achieve the development of the cause. Contact us!
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