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Rechargeable type C import Multi-functional ozone UVC air sterilizer

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Life tips: let you know Ultraviolet ray

Ultraviolet (UV) is a short wave that of invisible light, The electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet light can be subdivided into 3 ,which is UVAUVB and UVC,UVC can effective sterilization(wavelength range is 200-280nm,It’s also called 253.7UV because of 253.7nm peak), the sterilization theory: After the genetic materials (DNA or RNA)of the pathogenic bacteria absorb UVC, the UVC quantum can broke one or several chemical bonds of nucleic acid molecule, resulting in bacteria or virus death and mutation Moreover, the ultraviolet irradiation can also affect the activity of many enzymes in bacteria and viruses, through changing the structure and function of the protein molecule, affecting the metabolic synthesis of proteins or nucleic acids, but also the weakening of bacterial or viral toxicity, and even death


We all know the sunlight is the cheapest convenient and direct sterilization method. Actually we just use the Ultraviolet in the sunlight as a sterilization tool. It is not only convenientcheap and pollution-free, but also without any residues. It can be said as the most economical, environmentally friendly method for sterilization. However the only disadvantage is that you couldn’t get it freely. Sunlight sterilization is also controlled by the nature and must rely on good weather. Besides the Ultraviolet just accounted for 13% in the sunlight that reached into the earth’s surface. UVA is about 97%UVB is about 3%, UVC almost been isolated by the ozone, sunburn is only from UVA and UVB, in order to benefiting mankind, people usually using the special professional technology to make the UVC lamps, and then get it. 

Sterilization efficacy:

UV germicidal lamps built in the sterilization can emit ultraviolet of wavelength 253.7mm which is easily absorbed by proteins, nucleic acids of bacteria and viruses, making protein denatured and dissociated, making nucleic acid form thymine dimer and damaging the DNA and RNA structure of various viruses and bacteria, resulting in the death of bacteria and viruses finally. Typical bacteria and viruses for example:

  Bacteria (over 18 kinds), such as E. coli, Bacillus, Escherichia coli, gram Lver Shi bacteria,       

                            tuberculosis bacteria, marked Joseph's bacteria, salmonella, etc;

  Mildew (more than 8 kinds), such as blue mold, black mold, mildew hair, dung fungi;

  Class viral (over 10), such as hepatitis virus, influenza virus, polio virus and so on.


Lethal dose of UV-C on a variety of bacteria and viruses

1.Product features
1.1 Built with rechargeable lithium battery, no need external power supply. No power cord winding trouble, easy to use, and not affected by power supply. After
fully charged, it can be used for about 3 hours, and effectively solve the power supply problem.

1.2 Small size, light weight, easy to carry, suited for both home and travel use.

1.3 Bring your own magnetic glue, can be firmly adsorbed on iron objects surface. On non-ferrous material objects surface, you may installed (sticky) magnetic suction tablets or your own iron, then it can be firmly sticked. It is suitable for disinfections of cars, refrigerators, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, lockers and other small spaces.

1.4 Cold cathode sterilization lamp, trace heat, safe and secure.
1.5 Double sterilization: This product includes ultraviolet and ozone double sterilization, which avoids the defect of single sterilization method (only ozone with ozone).

1.6 High sterilization efficiency:ultraviolet and ozone double sterilization. Because ozone is a diffuse gas, it makes up for the inherent shortcomings of many dead corners in ultraviolet sterilization, so sterilization is more efficient.

1.7 Odor removal: because ozone has strong oxidizability, it can quickly oxidize and decompose odor chemicals, especially for removing mildew, fishy, odor and other odor.

1.8 Air purification: ozone can oxidize with a variety of inorganic and organic substances, making the air fresh and natural, eliminating fatigue and refreshing.

1.9 Environmental protection: after sterilization with ultraviolet and ozone, there is no harmful residue. Because of its strong oxidation, the excess ozone is basically reduced to oxygen molecules in 0.5 hours. 2. Main sterilization factors and principle 2.1 Main sterilization factors of quartz lamp light source: the ultraviolet sterilization lamp belongs to low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp. The lamp is made of quartz glass pipe with high ultraviolet transmittance, and its ultraviolet radiation wavelength is 253.7nm, which is effective for sterilization. Main sterilization factors of LED ultraviolet sterilization light source: the lamp adopts high-quality LED sterilization lamp beads, and its ultraviolet radiation wavelength is 275 ± 5nm, which is effective for sterilization 2.2 Principle of ultraviolet sterilization: the photon energy of UVC can destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) in microbial body cells, break various structural bonds or undergo photochemical polymerization, thus losing the ability of self replication and reproduction, resulting in the death of growing cells and / or regenerative cells, Achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. 2.3. Principle of ozone air purification (only products with ozone have this function)2.3.1 Because of its strong oxidizability, ozone can quickly oxidize and decompose the chemical substances with peculiar smell, so as to remove the peculiar smell, especially the mildew, fishy, smelly and other peculiar smell. 2.3.2 Because of its strong oxidizability, ozone can oxidize with a variety of inorganic substances (such as sulfide and cyanide) and organic substances (such as toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and some unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds), so as to purify the air.

 3. Scope of application 3.1 The lamp is widely used in small spaces such as refrigerators, cupboards, lockers, wardrobe, shoe cabinets and cars as a general object surface and air sterilization; It can also be used for sterilization on the surface of beds, sofas and other objects. 3.2 suck the sterilization lamp on the top of the small box and box, and place small objects (such as mobile phones, glasses, toiletries, razors, milk bottles and other infant products, underwear, etc.) in thesmall box and box to sterilize these small objects. 3.3 Place vegetables, fruits, frozen food, etc. In the light range of sterilization lamp for sterilization.  



    This product has its own rechargeable lithium battery, which can work without external power supply. When the battery voltage is lower than the working voltage, the battery is in a protective state and cannot turn on the lamp. It needs to be fully charged before turning on the lamp; The power switch is a touch switch. 4.1 Charging: connect the ordinary mobile phone charger (3.7V) to the charging line, insert the charging head into the sterilization lamp charging port (type C socket), and the charging indicator is red. After being fully charged, the indicator is green. 4.2 Turn on the light for use: touch the switch once, the red indicator flashes, lights up after about 10 seconds, and sterilizes for 30 minutes at a fixed time; Touch the switch twice continuously, the green indicator light flashes, lights up after 10 seconds, and sterilizes for 60 minutes at a fixed time; When the timing sterilization reaches the set time, the light will be turned off automatically; When the light is on, touch the switch once to turn off the light and stop working. 4.3 Magnetically absorb the sterilization lamp on the top of refrigerator, cupboard, locker, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, automobile, box, etc.so as to illuminate the maximum range of space requiring disinfection as far as possible. 4.4 Place the sterilization lamp on the bed, sofa and car center console (seat, armrest box, etc.) and turn on the lamp for sterilization. 4.5 Disinfect the air, turn on the power and leave in time; When sterilizing the object surface, try to make the lamp tube parallel to the surface of the sterilized object. After turning on the power supply, people should leave in time. 

5. Product parameters

Product name


Product size(MM)

Rated power(W)

Rated voltage(V)

Light source

UVC Intensity (uW/cm2) 

Charging time (H)

Working time (H)

Multi-function Ultraviolet Sterilizer
















UVC Intensity(50mm distance measurement)

   Note: 1>. Battery cycle charging times ≥ 300 times.

  2>,.Charging time and Working time for the theoretical calculation and actual time will be subject to the actual product..

 6. Precautions 

6.1 The fluctuation range of power supply (charger) voltage shall not exceed 5%, otherwise the service life of lamps will be affected and lamps will be damaged. 

6.2 When using, people should avoid or take corresponding protective measures. Glasses should not face the light source. The skin should not be exposed to avoid corneal and skin burns. If there are burns, please go to the hospital immediately. 

6.3 The surface of the ultraviolet light source shall be kept clean. Generally, it shall be wiped with an alcohol cotton ball every 2 weeks to remove the oil stain, dust, etc. On the light source, so as not to affect the ultraviolet transmittance. When the ultraviolet intensity is lower than the value specified in the national standard, the light source shall be replaced in time to avoid affecting the disinfection effect. 

6.4 The service life of the light source is 6000 hours. The ultraviolet sterilization light source and rechargeable battery reaching the end of the service life should be properly handled in accordance with local regulations

6.5 When the lamp is working and just after disinfection, the light source is in a high temperature state. Do not touch it to avoid scalding; The light source must be replaced after the power supply is disconnected and the light source is cooled. 

6.6 This product is only used indoors; If the product or power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced and repaired by professionals of the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments. 

6.7 During ultraviolet disinfection, the disinfection place shall be kept clean, and the ultraviolet light cannot shine on the covered dark place. Attention shall be paid during use. 

6.8 Only the directly irradiated side of the UV impermeable surface (such as paper, cloth, etc.) can achieve the purpose of disinfection. Therefore, it is necessary to turn it on time so that all sides can be exposed to a certain dose of radiation. 

6.9 Since the product is equipped with rechargeable battery, it is strictly prohibited to immerse the product in liquid, such as water; At the same time, under no circumstances shall the product be burned or put into fire. 

6.10 In case of battery leakage, the product must be stopped immediately. Contact the professional personnel of the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments for guidance. Remember not to contact the skin. 

6.11 When the product is not used for a long time, it must be charged every three months, otherwise the service life of the battery will be affected. 

6.12 The working ambient temperature of the product is - 20 ~ 65 ℃, and the charging must be carried out at the ambient temperature of 0 ~ 45 ℃. 

7. Product installation 

7.1 Place the lamp directly on the object surface (such as desktop, bed, sofa, car central control table, etc. or the ground). 

7.2 Paste the magnetic glue into the circular cavity on the back of the lamp and adsorb it on the surface of iron objects; For non-ferrous objects, first paste (fix) the magnetic suction sheet or self-made iron sheet at the position where the lamp needs to be installed, and then adsorb the lamp on the magnetic suction sheet. 

 ● Sterilization lamp installation

1, Tear tape magnetic adhesive back 2, The magnetic adhesive stick on the  3, To adsorption in disinfection sterilization

                                back of the sterilization lamp         lamp space at the top

 ● Magnetic suction installation(Non-metallic surface magnetic suction gages first)

1, Rip magnet piece back gummed paper  2, The magnet slice paste on top    3, The sterilization lamp adsorbed on the                          

                                                                  magnet piece

7.3 use the screw hole on the back of the product to fix the lamp at the position where it needs to be installed and used.

8.The circuit principle diagram


9. Common faults guide

Fault description

Cause analysis

Processing method

The light is not bright

Loose lamp tube

If the light source plug is loose, plug in the light source


10. Packing instructions:
A multifunctional ultraviolet sterilization lamp, a manual and warranty card, and a piece of magnetic glue; Magnetic suction sheet, double-sided adhesive tape and charging line are gifts, which are unnecessary accessories. 

NamePortable handby UV SerilizerUSB charging Time2 Hours
Housing Material ABS + Anti UV + PCCharging TimeDirect light 3-4 hours(1000W/m²)
Product Size18*37*138.5mmUse DistanceAbove items 3-5 cm
Use MethodPurple light 10-300 secondsWarranty1 year

Disinfection, mildew, odor removal, removal of formaldehyde, removal of insects, prevention of influenza


100 pcs / carton 

 42 * 41 * 36cm


Scope of application and best usage:

1 kitchen and bathroom and other bacterial abundance and breeding grounds, pet living place

2 living room, conference rooms and other public places where diseases spread easily. UV air disinfection within such places can prevent the spread and prevalence of respiratory diseases.

3 wards, operating rooms, mobile medical service vehicles and other environment requiring higher disinfection(mainly air disinfection). Infectious dwelling places’air, clothing, cooking utensils and some commonly used items. In smaller single ward irradiation for 30 minutes to 1 hour is equivalent to 27 times ventilation.

4 newborn infant's skin is very tender and can easily be infected with harmful bacteria, while the infant's clothing is often contaminated with manure and other contaminants repeatedly, so bacteria can easily multiply. Coupled with the baby wrapped,air circulation is  poor, so the possibility of being infected will greatly increase, thereby infant utensils, clothing and baby room air disinfection can not be ignored.

5 entertainment places, basement and where air is not smooth, no sunlight and damp, disinfect effect is particularly prominent.

LED screen time display

5 minutes / 15 / minutes / 30 minutes / continuous serial mode.The lightweight hand holding design saves space and can be used at
any time for the required area. The light is suitable for toothbrushes, mobile phones, pens, glasses, and other light-emitting


Mini Travel Light

This is a sterilizing lamp, is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as cleaning in your bedroom, kitchen, shoe cabinets,
toilets, baby room, animal room, bathroom, school room. UV radiation can cause skin and eye burns, After disinfection, it must
wait more than 30 minutes to completely destroy the ozone layer.

As proven in practice, with scientific use, the light can kill 95% dust.

Multipurpose Portable

Used in personal daily necessities, chopsticks, spoons, tableware, telephone sets, desks, toilets, public places, cars, etc. dust
mite killer dust mite musty odor eliminator small air purifier Lightweight and convenient hand-held design can sterilize the
required area at any time.Maintain cleanliness in the room, closet,and household items. Avoid being covered by dirty stuff.


Plug and Play

Can be used for disinfection of small space areas such as masks, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, toilets, pet beds, hotel beds, personal
care products, car interiors, luggage compartments, etc.Do not blindly achieve sterilization, exposure to ultraviolet rays in a
straight line. If the object is blocked blocked, it is reflected back and the surface has been sterilized.

Suitable Occasions

The UV light is suitable for home, office, business trip and travel, which is easy to carry and use. Give your family, children,
and yourself a safe haven.Our UV disinfectant is used via USB power and cannot be charged,It can be used through the power bank
sterilized at any time,you can use it to scan any place you want to disinfect. Mini Travel Light: As proven in practice, with
scientific use, the light can kill 95% dust.



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