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the best killer of virus 99.9% sterilization rate UV table sterilizer

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quartz UVC germicidal lamp
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UV table sterilizer
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plug+remote controller
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Life tips: let you know Ultraviolet ray

Ultraviolet (UV) is a short wave that of invisible light, The electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet light can be subdivided into 3 ,which is UVAUVB and UVC,UVC can effective sterilization(wavelength range is 200-280nm,It’s also called 253.7UV because of 253.7nm peak), the sterilization theory: After the genetic materials (DNA or RNA)of the pathogenic bacteria absorb UVC, the UVC quantum can broke one or several chemical bonds of nucleic acid molecule, resulting in bacteria or virus death and mutation Moreover, the ultraviolet irradiation can also affect the activity of many enzymes in bacteria and viruses, through changing the structure and function of the protein molecule, affecting the metabolic synthesis of proteins or nucleic acids, but also the weakening of bacterial or viral toxicity, and even death


We all know the sunlight is the cheapest convenient and direct sterilization method. Actually we just use the Ultraviolet in the sunlight as a sterilization tool. It is not only convenientcheap and pollution-free, but also without any residues. It can be said as the most economical, environmentally friendly method for sterilization. However the only disadvantage is that you couldn’t get it freely. Sunlight sterilization is also controlled by the nature and must rely on good weather. Besides the Ultraviolet just accounted for 13% in the sunlight that reached into the earth’s surface. UVA is about 97%UVB is about 3%, UVC almost been isolated by the ozone, sunburn is only from UVA and UVB, in order to benefiting mankind, people usually using the special professional technology to make the UVC lamps, and then get it. 

Sterilization efficacy:

UV germicidal lamps built in the sterilization can emit ultraviolet of wavelength 253.7mm which is easily absorbed by proteins, nucleic acids of bacteria and viruses, making protein denatured and dissociated, making nucleic acid form thymine dimer and damaging the DNA and RNA structure of various viruses and bacteria, resulting in the death of bacteria and viruses finally. Typical bacteria and viruses for example:

  Bacteria (over 18 kinds), such as E. coli, Bacillus, Escherichia coli, gram Lver Shi bacteria,       

                            tuberculosis bacteria, marked Joseph's bacteria, salmonella, etc;

  Mildew (more than 8 kinds), such as blue mold, black mold, mildew hair, dung fungi;

  Class viral (over 10), such as hepatitis virus, influenza virus, polio virus and so on.


Lethal dose of UV-C on a variety of bacteria and viruses


1 Double sterilization: This product includes dual sterilization--UV and ozone, avoiding defect of the single sterilization method.

2 Efficient thorough sterilization: ozone is diffuse gas, making up the inherent disadvantages of UV sterilization that there are many dead corners the UV cannot sterilize, so the sterilization methods are more efficient and thorough.

3 removing the odor: Ozone with strong oxidation can quickly oxidize chemicals with decomposition odor features, which can get excellent results for the odor removal, especially like mold, fishy and foul odors.

4 Fresh air: ozone oxidation reactions with a variety of inorganic and organic compounds can clean air, remove fatigue and refresh your brain.

5 Environmental protection: Without any harmful residues, because of strong oxidation,excess ozone  can be completely reduced to oxygen molecules in 0.5 hours.

Ozone sterilization principle

Ozone is a strong oxidant, of which sterilization process belongs to biochemical oxidation. Ozone sterilization has the following three forms:

1 l decomposition of ozone can oxidize the enzymes required by glucose inside bacteria, cutting the energy supply of bacteria, which leads to bacterial death at the end.

2 directly functioning with bacteria and viruses, destroy their cellular, DNA and RNA, damage the metabolism of the bacteria, resulting in bacterial death.

3 come through the cell membrane tissue, with cell invasion, functioning with the lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide in outer membrane, and make the bacteria dissolve to death because of the permeability distortion.

Principle of ozone air purification

1 ozone because of their strong oxidization can quickly oxidize and decompose odor chemicals to remove the odor, especially for the removal of mold, fishy, foul odors.

2 ozone because of their strong oxidization can occurs oxidation reaction with a variety of inorganic materials (such as sulfur compounds, cyanide, etc.) and organic (such as toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and some unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds, etc.),so as to refresh air.

Scope of application and best usage:

1 kitchen and bathroom and other bacterial abundance and breeding grounds, pet living place

2 living room, conference rooms and other public places where diseases spread easily. UV air disinfection within such places can prevent the spread and prevalence of respiratory diseases.

3 wards, operating rooms, mobile medical service vehicles and other environment requiring higher disinfection(mainly air disinfection). Infectious dwelling placesair, clothing, cooking utensils and some commonly used items. In smaller single ward irradiation for 30 minutes to 1 hour is equivalent to 27 times ventilation.

4 newborn infant's skin is very tender and can easily be infected with harmful bacteria, while the infant's clothing is often contaminated with manure and other contaminants repeatedly, so bacteria can easily multiply. Coupled with the baby wrapped,air circulation is  poor, so the possibility of being infected will greatly increase, thereby infant utensils, clothing and baby room air disinfection can not be ignored.

5 entertainment places, basement and where air is not smooth, no sunlight and damp, disinfect effect is particularly prominent.


Using methods:

1 Recommendation: The UV sterilizer hung up on the table or on the ground, as it is exposed to the maximum range of the space required to be sterilized.

2 when air disinfection, leave the room in time after turning on the power.

3 disinfecting the surfaces of objects, the lamp should be paralleled with the surfaces, turn on the power and promptly leave.

4 cautions: when light disinfection is working, the skin and eyes of animal and human should avoid direct contact with the light in case of damage.



1 The surface should be regularly (generally once every six weeks or so) wipe with the alcohol swab gently to remove dirt and grease on the tube top, reducing the impact of dirt and grease on UV penetration.

2 room should be kept clean when UV disinfection is working,cause UV can not penetrate the shadows with cover.

3 UV impervious surfaces such as paper, cloth, etc., only the side with direct rays can achieve the purpose of disinfection, so flip on time to receive a dose of irradiation on each side.

4 Installating and moving lights, be sure to turn off the light switch first, then pull and plug the power cord, otherwise it will cause an instant high-pressure shock to lead the tube burned.

5 The lamp can radiate intense 253.7nm UVC,so turn off the light to complete the disinfection after 0.5-1 hours. In the absence of protective measures, the ultraviolet rays can cause direct harm to the human body, please disinfect in the absence of human and animals.

6 Ozone with pungent,is not suitable when people are in the site. So when ozone disinfection, people should leave the scene and rubber products should be covered or removed out side.

7 If the product or the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid dangerous, itd should replaced by the professionals in their maintenance department or similarly department of the manufacturer.

8 Used only indoor.

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