Solar energy may become the world's number one source of electricity

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-14
Solar energy may become the world's number one source of electricity

   When oil prices are soaring at an unstoppable frantic speed, solar energy companies are trying to cut costs, and they are in a good position to replace oil as the world's main source of energy. It is predicted that by the end of this century, solar energy may become the world's number one source of electricity. According to the current rapid increase in oil prices, the cost of solar power generation will soon be different from conventional electricity.

   The high price of grid-connected solar power generation has always been a bottleneck for the growth of the photovoltaic power generation market. For several years, the main policy of large-scale solar production and manufacturing companies has been to reduce the cost of solar power generation through various means. The downward adjustment of the price of photovoltaic power generation has begun to emerge. In California, the abundant sunlight resources have made the local photovoltaic power generation price and ordinary electricity price competitive.

   At present, the cost of solar power generation is decreasing at a rate of 5% per year. In regions with abundant sunlight resources, the cost of solar power generation is decreasing more rapidly. Within 5 years, some countries and regions can basically obtain solar power prices that are comparable to conventional electricity. Even in rainy areas like the United Kingdom, technological growth and increased supply of raw materials will cause them to reduce the price of solar power to normal in 2020. degree.

  Of course, the government's policy subsidies are still a protection umbrella for the growth of photovoltaic power generation in the short term. At present, all countries in the world have given great support to solar power generation, especially the Japanese and German authorities. The authorities of southern European countries such as Spain and Greece also give solar energy considerable room for growth. Countries use solar energy as a powerful energy swordsman to combat climate warming and dependence on imported energy. Once people pay more attention to environmental protection than the short-term pursuit of economic benefits, solar power generation projects will grow at a rapid pace. According to the forecast of the US Investment Bank, the capacity of solar power generation will double next year.

   believes that the growth of solar energy will surpass that of wind energy. Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the production and design of solar street lamps and high-pole lamps. It has 20 years of solar street lamp production experience and builds the most professional solar street lamp manufacturer. Contact number: 13805257308 . , Even in an environment where silicon raw materials are in short supply, solar wealth is still growing at an annual rate of 40%. In the next few years, the problem of silicon raw material supply will be greatly improved, and solar energy wealth will grow more rapidly by then.
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