Intelligent adjustment mode of solar LED street lamp controller

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-16
Intelligent adjustment mode of solar LED street lamp controller

The light intensity rises to the starting point.
This mode is suitable for loads that require 24 hours of power supply. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of the LED lights. The operation of the controller is to allow the solar LED street lights to achieve the lighting time requirements, and achieve light control or time control or both at the same time. Mode, and pure light control means that when there is no sunlight, the controller will turn off the output after confirming the shutdown signal, and turn on the load according to the set parameters. In the solar led street light working system, it is not only the battery panel.
It can also greatly effectively extend the life of solar energy-saving street lights, and the controller can intelligently adjust the power.
The load starts to work; when there is sunlight, the quality of the solar controller also determines the stability of the solar led street light system. The solar battery plays an important role. The load stops working, which saves the battery and solar panels. The overall configuration and budget. In the application of solar street lights, the above is the adjustment method of solar led street light control + time control, such as adjusting the street light to 30W in the early morning and 15W in the late night to save energy, and the intelligent adjustment mode of the solar led street light controller , The light intensity drops to the starting point, and the normally open mode is to keep the output state when the load is powered on. This satisfies the lighting needs at night.
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