How much will it cost for the solar lighting system production?
The production cost for the solar lighting system relies on both the price of materials and production technology. For one thing, the material cost is the most original factor. Whether the figure could decrease or not depends on the technology and quantitative production. The higher the technology is, the less the cost. This is also the “for another thing.” So is the quantitative production. If the order is larger, the size of quantitative production is greater. Under this, the unit cost would decline.
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As a solar flood lights manufacturer, Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. is technically advanced. The solar street lighting system series is one of the main products of Litel Technology. [17] has good quality. It is guaranteed by examining the plastics and additives, glass, coating and frame material inspection procedures. Charged by solar energy, this product is environmental-friendly. The quality check team is totally responsible for the quality of this product. The product is certified under CE, ROHS, FCC, EMC, and LVD.
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We make clear commitments to our customers. We try to ensure that every link in the manufacturing chain works seamlessly, from order generation to final delivery and offer the highest-value products.

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