guelph says it can save $750k by using led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
The City of Guelph is testing new LED street lights, hoping to save taxpayers $750 a year.
At present, 13,000 street lamps in the city are powered by high-voltage sodium bulbs.
About 4,000 bulbs are replaced each year at a cost of $500,000.
Alex Chapman, minister of corporate energy projects in the city, said electricity costs are also high.
This is our single.
The biggest item besides our garbage
Water treatment plant.
So it\'s really attractive as an opportunity to reduce energy costs, \"Chapman said.
Guelph will test four different LED or LEDs along Edinburgh Road and municipal street until the parade.
The city will consider costs, energy efficiency, maintenance and even community preferences, according to a press release.
In addition to saving city money, LED street lights may have other benefits, Chapman said.
\"Cities that have deployed LED street lights have found that they reduce the light in the city sky because they are more focused.
\"So there are actually some people in the city of Los Angeles who have deployed LED street lights there where they can see the stars again in the city center, which is very exciting,\" Chapman said.
The LED bulb is expensive: it costs about $800 per lamp.
But there are 20 bulbs.
With a one-year warranty and less power, Chapman believes they will pay for themselves in about six years.
If the pilot of a city goes well
It may be widely promoted as early as autumn.
Other cities in Ontario turn to LED street light sincludeguelph-
The towns of Mississauga, London and Eramosa in Bari.
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