widened karamana-pravachambalam stretch to get traffic signals - solar powered traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
widened karamana-pravachambalam stretch to get traffic signals  -  solar powered traffic lights
Ending months of uncertainty, Kerala State Road Safety Agency(KRSA)
The rupee has been approved. 88.
76. 1 million for the installation of traffic lights on Highway 5. 5-km Karamana-
The Pravachambalam extension of NH 66 was expanded to four-lane corridor. The 29{+t}{+h}
Kersa Conference under the chairmanship of Secretary of State S. M.
Vijayanand on Wednesday decided to allocate funds from the Road Safety Fund for six solar-powered traffic lights.
Since its operation in March this year, the section has witnessed a surge in traffic accidents.
Despite the deployment of traffic police officers at busy intersections and anti-collision barriers at vulnerable sections, more than a dozen people, mostly pedestrians, were killed on the sections.
Official sources said the KRSA meeting was held with the approval of the Chief Electoral Officer because the code of conduct for the parliamentary elections on May 16 had come into force and in view of the fatal road accident. The solar-
Electric traffic signals will be installed at Niramankara, Kaimanam, Pappanam code, Karakkandapam, Vellayani and Nemom, which are busy intersections.
Katlon went to install Road Safety Commissioner and State Transportation Commissioner Tang Mingjie.
Thachankary said Kerala Electronics Development Corporation(Keltron)
Signals will be installed.
Katlon had already submitted an estimate of the rupee. 1.
It takes 100 million rupees to install these signals.
The road was transferred by the National Highway Department of the Ministry of Public Works. -
Widening the project to KRSA for cleaning.
Reasons for approving only the rupee. 88.
It is unclear that 76 million rupees were convened by the Commissioner for Road Safety.
Already, PricewaterhouseCoopers(NH)
Wing has laid pipelines for laying cables, and signals can be installed without digging roads.
Local residents'associations and traders have been urging the Royal South Korean Railway Administration to postpone the installation of traffic lights. Solar-
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