solar panels to help cut office tower's energy costs by 80 per cent - solar panel street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
solar panels to help cut office tower\'s energy costs by 80 per cent  -  solar panel street light
A small building opposite McEwan University has attracted much attention from the architectural community for its innovation and energy. -
Efficient design.
Called edge, 10-
The office building on 107th Street and 104th Avenue is located in the south. -
500 solar panels-
Gene Dub of Dub Architects Ltd. says it's enough to support 25 houses.
Edmonton behind the design.
"Edmonton has a lot of sunshine," Dub said.
"Solar panels get sunlight all day.
"In addition to solar panels, there are several floors. -to-
Roof windows capture indirect light from the north, helping to reduce the cost of indoor lighting.
About 80% of building societies-
Replace energy consumption with two design options.
"This means that you don't have to close the curtains to block the direct sunlight from the south. In summer, you can have almost a whole day's light," Dub said.
He said, "That's why artists in Paris used to want those lofts on the North side. "
"The attic with a North skylight. . .
It provides light suitable for painting and for working in an office. "80-
A $36 million household solar panel tax rebate plan was announced for the floor towers proposed for downtown Edmonton Nalberta. Dubai wants to see more businesses and developers adopt solar energy.
"So far, solar panels haven't reached the level of popularity I want them to be," he said.
However, Dube praised Alberta's government for helping businesses and residents incorporate solar panels into their buildings and reducing installation costs by 30% through tax rebates.
The fringe office building is scheduled to open in June.
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