requiem for a solar traffic light - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
requiem for a solar traffic light  -  solar traffic light system
On the side of the rain
Wet and accidental
Solar energy, easy Kannur Road
Powered traffic lights bite the dust.
It's been more than three weeks since the light hit the face.
The lamp is one of a pair, located outside the main entrance of Nadakkavu Government Women's high school and vocational high school, where 2,412 students study.
The light is entirely meant to accompany the school's students through narrow and busy sections, part of the 17 national road leading to the Kannur district.
When Hinduism is in contact with officials, they sound confused and pass responsibility from one department to another.
The Nadakkavu police station is right next to the falling lights.
The same goes for the extra director's office.
Police Chief, North District.
The Post that once supported the lights looks like it was kicked in.
Its twisted solar panels flash in the sky under the pouring basin.
But the traffic lights always follow its procedures.
Its face was pressed on the sidewalk, it was flashing red at school, and it was flashing yellow on the lonely road.
The school authorities are concerned about the safety of students when crossing the road and know nothing about who to approach.
"First of all, we did not receive any communication when this light was fixed.
Now, we don't know who to inform.
Why should we inform?
The lights have been there for three weeks and everyone can see them.
"This could be a traffic light, but it reflects how the city works," Jelush K said . ".
Who is the principal of the vocational high school.
When contacted, Nadakkavu ward MP Arangil Kamala Reghunath denied any responsibility, saying "the company is only responsible for sodium street lamps, not solar street lamps
Electric traffic lights ".
When asked whether, as a member of parliament, she has taken any measures to at least inform the authorities of the instability faced by students in transit
Reghunath claimed she had spoken to the principal.
Pradeep Kumar in MLA (North)
This situation, he said, reflects "a high degree of irresponsibility ".
But he is still vague about the situation in charge.
"As the lights are located next to the National Highway, the Ministry of Public Works (PWD)
He said, "be responsible.
However, when contacted, the Office of the PWD supervision engineer at the National Highway Department stated that they had no effect.
"We don't keep that light.
We didn't even get permission when our license was fixed, "they told.
In the end, it landed on K. A.
Bose, inspector of the city traffic circle, provides an explanation.
"I believe the light will drop because it can't withstand the weight of the top solar panels and equipment.
We have asked Keltron to repair and maintain all traffic lights in the city to fix it immediately ,"Babu said.
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