managing traffic lights a complicated, high-tech affair for city - solar traffic lights manufacturers

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-23
managing traffic lights a complicated, high-tech affair for city  -  solar traffic lights manufacturers
After waiting so long at the traffic lights, did you see the red lights? Or on other days, you're lucky to always see the green light.
The efforts behind these colors and the use of their traffic lights are being made for the city of Regina, as well as staff, to keep up with drivers'needs and emerging technologies.
"We calculate the traffic volume of the whole city every year," said Norman Kyle, director of roads and transportation.
"We do this to get road traffic, which helps us understand when upgrades and similar things need to be done.
"According to Kyle, by observing traffic under specific lights, cities can better understand which areas need to change traffic lights or add turning lights.
If an intersection turns 150 cars left during rush hour, an advance steering light will be installed to help clear the intersection.
"You can also look at things from the perspective of corridors.
Albert Street is a good example, "Kyle said.
"You will get a green light, and then you will drive forward and get another green light.
You may need to wait, because we also use lights to control speed.
You'll see that we're locked. -
The step signal is timed so that the next green light starts soon after the first one.
"With the increase of traffic volume, traffic engineers and technicians drive on the sidewalk themselves to better understand the traffic flow in Regina.
"There are programs that you can use to get guidance, but you have to drive them to observe their behavior," Kell said.
Usually, changes in traffic lights are rarely noticed by residents, but they have an impact on their lives. -to-day lives.
In March, 46 signals were retransmitted. -
Reduce waiting in the streets at regular intervals in the city centre-peak times.
"It's for vehicles, but more for pedestrians," Kyle said.
"When it's not rush hour and we haven't moved a lot of traffic, we can reduce the delays of pedestrians crossing urban streets.
"Looking ahead, some interesting new technologies will be introduced into the traffic light system to help improve Regina's driving efficiency.
"We will do more video detection.
"The old car had a wire on the road, like a magnet, picking up metal in the car," Kyle said.
"That means there's someone in the signal.
Now the camera can do it.
"The city is also considering using software to enable camera detectors to determine the type of vehicles currently waiting under lights.
This will improve efficiency, especially during peak hours.
"They can tell the difference between a motorcycle and a semi-trailer," Kyle said.
"In this way, we can get more traffic volume and more accurate information about intersections.
We're just testing the software, and then we have to set up cameras.
We hope to get more accurate counting data next year.
"Because of the uninterrupted power supply to the city's signaling sites, blackouts will not be so painful for drivers.
"We've been installing standby battery systems at major intersections. . . These systems can provide six hours of battery life in the summer.
"Signal lights will work during blackouts to ensure traffic safety.
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