mall to turn off lights for earth hour - solar lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-08
mall to turn off lights for earth hour  -  solar lights
"Together, we are trying to save the planet.
"This is the position taken by Liberty Square one hour ago at the end of this month.
WWF launched the World Environment Initiative Earth Hour. WWF)
Global citizens are encouraged to shut down all electronic equipment, especially lighting, within an hour to demonstrate their commitment to the planet and acknowledge the impact of global warming.
Freedom Square will close the "Freedom Square" sign on the building and the lighting on the commercial billboard from 20:30 to 21:30 an hour on Earth on Saturday, March 30.
But it only touches on the impact that shopping malls want to have on the theme of environmental initiatives.
A key value of Freedom Avenue is its continuing commitment to the environment and community, through which shopping malls will spread strong information about solar energy and enrich the lives of schoolchildren, thus paving the way for the Mitchell Plain to play a role in saving the planet.
They think it's becoming more and more important for learners and the public to understand how they care about the environment, so they've started a spectacular initiative where 500 solar energy is available. -
At Cascade and Tafelsig Primary Schools, powered lights are distributed to learners in the shape of a small yellow sun.
Brian Unsted, director of asset management at Liberty Two Degrees'Liberty Promenade, explains why this initiative is so important to shopping malls and their owners: "Sustainability forms part of the Liberty Two Degrees strategic pillar through which to take care of our natural environment, educate consumers and the public about protecting precursors. Lending resources is our commitment.
Through this initiative, young people in the Mitchell Plain have the opportunity to learn about sustainability in order to improve communities and the environment.
"These small solar lamps provide green, cost-effective-
Free energy, therefore, has no negative impact on the environment.
They just need sunshine to replenish their energy!
They are small light lamps, and children can take them anywhere.
They provide light for evening learning or walking in darkness, and help them to receive education and safety.
These lights will encourage families to take the solar route, which will reduce electricity costs and further damage the environment.
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