hanging gardens losing its charm? - best solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
hanging gardens losing its charm?  -  best solar garden lights
Citizens complain that the park's maintenance has been neglected, claiming that some people regard solar panels as a gem on Mount Malaba, and still see tourists from all over the world coming by bus. The Sky Garden, officially known as the Firozsa-Meta Garden, seems to be losing its splendor and luster.
Requirements for parks-goers, 77-year-
Old Sudir Sabrawar--
A retired surveying architect and marine engineer has been working in the garden for 40 years. --
Fabricate their misfortunes. The four-page petition (
Beginning with a melancholy note: "As time goes by since independence, change(
Professional ethics, accountability and integrity)
It is so huge that the existing control methods are ineffective.
They are gradually replaced by perennials, wildflowers and hedgerows.
Improper fertilization, insufficient watering and untimely pruning-
The rooting of weeds flattens most beds.
When the pavement is re-laid, only external roads are repaired.
Internal paths are not maintained.
Cables are not properly laid underground and often trampled, causing great harm. On the west-
Some surrounding pits were dug beside the railings to drain water. Now the old trench grilles are replaced by new and ordinary steel plates.
Garden rules don't allow eating at home, but it's rampant, especially on weekends.
Worse still, the staff dumped all the garbage outside the West. -
Even a small part of the railing was damaged.
Occasionally, when garbage is on fire, residents are exposed to smoke and pollution, and pedestrians lose fresh air.
There are three gates in the garden, but only one in the center is facing the Kamarani Heru Park with security.
One example mentioned in the reiteration document, another ordinary garden, 69-year-
Old Bankim Almura recalled: "Jogging / running has been banned here. --
Because the park is built on the reservoir, the structure below is hollow.
But about a year ago, a friend told a jogging gardener official that he was told, "If this was the rule, what would you do? I would change it. "
A few days later, the rules on the plaque were blackened.
Unlike most open spaces, the reservoir is the reason why the water engineering department of the municipal company maintains the aerial garden. (H. E. )
Department, not garden department.
A few years ago installing solar lights was called a scam among Park frequenters.
The petition acknowledges that "the idea itself is noble.
However, in the case of the ____________-
It seems that in-depth study has been carried out. As per the H. E.
Departments, in 2011, 150 solar lamps, cost more than Rs.
Fifty million purchases from the M/S consortium were installed.
The initial benefits were quickly heightened. -
Maintenance requirements.
Nagesh Dhondge, a deputy engineer, explained the official view. "The company is testing it as a pilot project," he said.
But we face several technical problems, especially when it rains.
In addition, due to insufficient light, the power of these lamps is insufficient.
So once the batteries break down, we have to charge them from outside.
Such lighting can work with good research institutes, but BMC does not have enough staff to take care of it.
We used to get a lot of complaints.
However, the petition blames the irrational placement of solar lamps for insufficient light, because most of them are installed outside, partly in the shade of tall trees, and there are not enough rain/dust shells to prevent strong terminal leakage during the rainy season.
"At any time, there are only 30-
According to the petition, 40% of the lights work properly.
Old lamp posts, solar energy lamps and new "conventional" lamps of different shapes and sizes make the public feel that they have become "lamp post jungle", which depreciates the aesthetic value of the Hanging Garden.
Digital clocks seem to encounter similar fates and animals. -
Shrubs known for their gardens seem to be losing their structure.
Many are unrecognizable.
Officially, 55 workers are employed in park maintenance.
"As engineers, our job is to provide water supply first.
Maintaining gardens is secondary.
Solar lamps require dedicated staff, but AMC and buyers are over, so for the 2018 beautification program, we want to use easy-to-maintain traditional lights, "said Rameshwar Sawant, an assistant engineer. (Maintenance), H. E. Department.
"The deterioration has been taking place for some time, but we think it's enough when we start building illegally behind our backs," said a woman who asked not to be named. (north-west side)".
The petition details how the company gradually "colonized" the above areas, first of all the living areas of employees, secondly the shacks, and now the debris of paving bricks and other road construction waste.
Worried about such a speed, 120 people have signed petitions to "win the dubious distinction of a dirty tourist trap," with Almura and Dward or Jyotshna Mehta planning to approach the company's authorities.
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