billion-dollar indigenous-led power station to revive struggling queensland coal town - best solar led street light

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billion-dollar indigenous-led power station to revive struggling queensland coal town  -  best solar led street light
Proposed $2 billion for indigenous peoples-led coal-
Coal-fired power station in Collinsville, northern Queensland-
Brisbane Development-
Shine Energy, headquartered locally, is led by traditional Biri Man Ashley Dodd. -
It will revive one of the country's oldest coal cities.
If the project is approved-
In the future, about 2,000 jobs will be created in the construction phase. Once operational, 600 jobs will be created, with emphasis on indigenous employment.
This potential employment growth will be welcomed by the local people. Locals say the community is on the verge of death after a 50% drop in population over the past decade.
However, some locals fear that the project is just a "picture on the wall" and will experience the same long delay as the Adani project in the Galilee Basin.
Sunshine Energy Australia said that if approved, Collinsville project will become the first high-efficiency low-emission ultra-supercritical coal project. -
The country's thermal power plants.
Mr. Dodd said: "We actually want to develop it into an energy park, so we want to build a solar photovoltaic power plant and turn it into energy, so we use it as an auxiliary energy source. "
Construction of the project will coincide with the closure of the Liddell Thermal Power Plant in New South Wales in 2022, which will enable North Queensland to address the gaps left by the plant in terms of base-load power supply.
However, even if the projects are piled up, it will take ten years to build them.
The Queensland Labor Government is tough on its commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030, and Gavan McFadzean, spokesman for the Australian Conservation Foundation, says the Collinsville project is not needed at all.
"This project has only failed to pass the test on clean energy.
"Collinsville has the best solar radiation capacity anywhere on the planet, so we think the future of Queensland's energy needs is here, and the Queensland government thinks that's the future.
"Global Change Around Coal-
With former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he recently announced that he would invest $500 million. ($715 million)
Towards coal shutdown-
Coal-fired power plants across the United States say it's a time race against climate change.
Collinsville is one of Australia's oldest coal cities. Locals say the project will help the town regain its former glory.
Businessman Trevor Anderson said: "Without IT, we simply can't survive; without affordable electricity, heavy industry can't survive. "
When other companies closed, he and his partner Irene-built a 37-
The bed motel was destroyed by Hurricane Debbie.
"We are confident about the future here," Anderson said.
Local Monique Simpson, who grew up in the town, said that the community had undergone unrecognizable changes.
"We haven't made much progress in Collinsville. . .
"It's a little sad now," she said.
There is a similar story in the neighboring town of Burn, where the main streets are located. -
Once a busy activity center-
Now there are empty signs everywhere.
"We lost meat processing plants, power stations, and we restructured coal mines, so we lost more than 2,000 jobs in this particular area," said White's Senator Mike Brook on Sunday.
"Ordinary people on the street don't know how you're going to shut down coal in 2030, 2040, 2050.
I think coal already has a huge life, "he said.
The potential of the power station was touted during the federal elections and promised a feasibility study of $10 million. -
Federal lawmakers welcomed Capriconia's move to Michelle Landry.
"If it's worth it, it's about how to move forward. . . What is the cost factor and how many people will participate in it?
"So I think it's very important.
But with other projects, such as Adani, experiencing major delays in approval, locals like Tony Doyle did not hold their breath.
"If it's piled up, some people are willing to do it and have the political will to do it. . .
But now I think it's just drawing on the wall, to tell the truth, "Mr. Doyle said.
Ashley Dodd, chief executive of Shine Energy, said he believed the project would be supported by investors.
"We have talked with Credit Swisse about any market between $2 billion, which is very interested in the stock and bond markets," Dodd said.
"There are many people outside Australia who are interested in this, but it would be a good thing for Australia's National Bank to actually strengthen and commit itself to its reconciliation action plan.
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