success transformer seen benefiting from led street lights plan

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-28
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It is expected that the government plans to replace street lights nationwide.
Street lighting.
According to the launch report of CGS,
CIMB, 80% of street lights in Malaysia are not LED-
Under this initiative, it is estimated that at least 872,269 street lamps may change.
Kamaida Kamaruddin, Minister of Housing and Local Government, said that starting from September, plans to replace street lights will be implemented in stages.
\"STC will leave its mark on the street lighting market in China
House has developed flagship products, iLCS and Trimax.
\"ILCS is an intelligent street light system that connects all lights through the Internet of Things (IoT)
Network, can better monitor and control the street lights to ensure cost-effectiveness and traffic optimization.
\"Trimax, on the other hand, is more than one
Functional street lamp products that combine intelligent lighting functions with multiple values-
CGS said: \"added features such as public security regulation and wireless network applicationsCIMB.
STC specializes in industrial lighting, process equipment and electrical equipment
Voltage transformer.
In addition to OEM manufacturers, it also has various brands such as Nikkon, QPS and SES.
STC is also one of the largest industrial lighting manufacturers in Southeast Asia.
For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018, 78% of the group\'s revenue came from the transformer and lighting sector and the rest from its process equipment sector.
The institute recorded three STC projects-year (FY18 to FY21)
The compound annual growth rate of earnings per share is 31.
5%, the economies of scale are better due to STC\'s quality products and the required certifications, and street lamp sales locally and overseas are also higher, which will drive this growth.
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