Solar led street lights and the growth advantages of new rural construction

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-21
Solar led street lights and the growth advantages of new rural construction
Solar led street lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with city circuit lights, the installation does not require wiring and reappearance. There are facilities for digging and repairing. The installation is simple and the lighting effect is good. Therefore, the wealth of solar led street lights has a huge growth advantage in the construction of new rural areas. . Since the establishment of the new countryside for 13 years, many municipal circuit lights used in the new countryside in many locations have faced street lamp aging, serious energy consumption, insufficient illumination, insufficient maintenance, and serious street lamp damage. In addition, the street lights are outdated or even damaged, which causes inconvenience to the old people who go out at night to hang out and drive traffic at night. If street lights need to be changed or overhauled, because the city lights are connected in series or in parallel, the lines must be overhauled during overhaul, which is troublesome and costly, so many places prefer to use led solar street lights. The current solar led street light uses Doujin’s new human body sensing technology. The human body sensing technology is very friendly to the energy saving of solar lithium batteries. The brightness of the street lamp is 100% when there are people, and only 30% when there are no people. Therefore, the battery can be used for a long time and provide effective lighting for people. In the process of the reconstruction of the new countryside, the original installed solar street light poles can be used, and ordinary people can also install it, which can save a lot of money in labor and materials.
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