Solar led street light supports multi-period regulation

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-16
Solar led street light supports multi-period regulation

The luminous power of the lamps can be set in time periods, the width of the road and the frequency of vehicles passing by must be taken into account. If you encounter continuous rainy weather, such as the road conditions of the street lighting environment, you need to correct To understand the environment where the user is located, use the infrared interface to see the material used by the solar street light pole, the quality of the light source, the energy consumption and duration of the solar panel, the life cycle and life of the battery, and so on.
There is also networking that can be adjusted through the network. The adjustment time of each controller is different. A good solution is to let the supplier complete the operation for you. It is convenient to consider whether the support time of the solar led street light is It will affect the lighting status of street lights.
In order to ensure the practicality of solar led street light manufacturers.
Only we can ensure that solar street lights are in use. Only in this way can the expected application effect be better. When we purchase them, we should adjust them according to actual needs. Solar led street lights are actually divided into many models. , Then the excellent solar radiation absorption capacity of solar led street lights will seem a bit tasteless. Many solar led street light controllers now support multi-period regulation. If the weather is mainly cloudy and cloudy, a dedicated data line is useful.
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