Is solar led garden light tested before shipment?
Yes, we ensure sufficient inspection of the finished products before they are shipped out of the factory. Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the manufacturing of solar led garden light for years. We are proficient in conducting quality control methods, including appearance inspection, tests on product performance, and functionality inspections. There is a quality control team arranged for product quality enhancement. Once there are defectives found, they will be removed to increase the pass rate. If you are interested in our quality control process, please contact us to apply for a factory visit.
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Litel Technology was established a few years ago and is proud to be the leading solar garden path lights manufacturer in China. The solar street light project series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Rich and varied design structures enable customers more selection to buy solar flood lights. This product has a life span of more than a decade without any maintenance. Long-term stable performance of the product in the industry has a great advantage. Due to its battery technology, the product can continue to emit light for days even without any sunshine.
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Our goal is to design and produce the most professional, safest, most advanced and environmentally friendly products. We will attach more importance to R&D in the future to increase our innovative level and creativity.

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