global trial shows led street lighting delivers up to 85% energy savings

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Results of the global experiment of lightLEDs (LED)
Street lights confirm that the device can save up to 85% of power compared to existing technology. The two-and-a-half-
The annual pilot project called light savers tested 533 LED lights in 15 trials in 12 cities including New York, London, Hong Kong, Toronto and Sydney.
The results of these trials are shared in a report
Earlier this month, climate groups, electronics giants Philips and HSBC released the report during the Rio 20 summit.
With the support of the HSBC Climate Partnership, climate group launched LightSavers in 2009 with the goal of accelerating market applications for outdoor LED lighting and smart lighting
Lighting control.
Major findings of the report (PDF)
Lighting cleaning revolution: the rise of LED street lights and their significance to the city include: \"Our conclusion is that LED is ready to scale in outdoor applications.
The independent and verifiable results of the Light savers trial and the accompanying public survey provide compelling evidence that many businesses
Mark Kember, CEO of Climate Group, wrote in the foreword to the report: \"The existing outdoor LED products provide high-quality lighting, durability and significant power savings, ranging from 50 to 70%.
He added: \"The high cost of capital and the lack of effective financing methods are still obstacles to market maturity.
But these investments will decrease as investment flows to companies that produce quality products;
Prices of LED and intelligent control devices continue to fall;
As innovation in project financing and procurement spreads in cities such as Birmingham, Guangzhou and Los Angeles.
To give another example, in California, the support for the financing of LED street lamp projects comes from the California Energy Commission (CEC)and the U. S.
Department of Energy.
On January, I reported on this blog that 10 cities in California used the funds provided by the US Recovery and Reinvestment Act, several of which were small (ARRA)
Undertake LED street lamp renovation project.
Since I published this, CEC has announced that about a dozen California cities have launched the LED street light renovation project provided by the same ARRA
Funding for the energy efficiency savings program (EECBG)program.
Reporting partners are very confident about the potential of LED lighting and they want LED to be the global lighting standard.
\"All new public lighting-street lighting and public building lighting-should be LED by 2015 with the aim of LED all public lighting by 2020, kenber of The Climate Group said in a statement.
The author concluded: \"LED outdoor lamps have matured in terms of performance.
City lighting managers from around the world have independently verified that led is able to deliver on its promise of superior performance, energy efficiency and public recognition, after the initial period of volatility, the light yield index of many products tends to be stable.
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