will government evolution be led by the data revolution? - solar led traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
will government evolution be led by the data revolution?  -  solar led traffic lights
What is the most powerful tool for the government to improve citizens'lives?
Data, put down your hands.
Data provide unprecedented opportunities and have a positive impact on Citizen's Day. -to-day life.
The government has almost unlimited resources and the right analytical tools and platforms to use data to innovate civic services and security.
Its use can be generally divided into two parts: smart city is a new phenomenon brought by data;
Data, through necessary access and analysis, is the lifeline of smart cities.
Implementation of Intelligent Transportation Using Standards-
Time data on traffic patterns, hazards and traffic, whether on roads or public transport.
For example, intelligent traffic lights can limit or extend the interval between red and green lights on major roads during rush hours, rather than at night when traffic is light.
These data help cities to make real responses. -
Traffic congestion time, better planning for future road and traffic development.
Intelligent street lamp reduces power consumption and improves public safety.
They only open in places and times of history and reality. -
Time data show that they need it.
This makes them efficient, safe and non-productive. -
Subversive selection of residential areas.
At the same time, meters can provide data to help cities and public utilities determine different rates in different seasons or at different times of the day, and provide them with opportunities to provide protection incentives for consumers.
Better yet, with smart meters, utilities can take the initiative to replace overloaded and older devices that show potential failure or fire risk.
The key of smart grid lies in its ability to make independent decisions, so it can also make self-decisions. -heals. “For example [it can]
When transmission lines are cut off or cut off in a storm, they are sent to other lines. . .
When someone's roof solar panels suddenly send energy to the grid, reduce other traffic.
"Therefore, the smart grid can manage two-
Electric energy flow and use of personal or small-
Easily scale up solar or wind contributions.
However, data not only makes urban services and management better.
It also makes us safer.
The randomness of terrorism is essentially a matter of data.
The problem of looking for a needle in a haystack in the past is now the problem of looking at the entire data set.
Traditionally, data from different sources are isolated.
Through correct data processing, intelligence and security agencies can receive various types of data feeds, such as UAV data and metadata of signal intelligence, and combine them in a real way. -
It's time for intelligence analysts.
With the powerful function of GPU, intelligence analysts can also use multiple large streaming datasets for pre-search.
Traditionally, CPU-
System-based modeling and transformation must be done in advance to obtain a limited set of known and popular search methods.
By breaking through these data warehouses and expanding search capabilities, they gained "God's". -
Views on global activities "are more likely to lead to preventive action.
The data also helps governments protect citizens'security by deploying appropriate critical infrastructure.
Depending on the size and susceptibility of the population, where do you place emergency units, such as the police, fire, medical, National Guard or the Federal Emergency Management Agency?
For example, according to changing weather conditions, where will you deploy them?
Once the Department can access the relevant data, the next step is drilling.
With GPU computing capabilities, governments can view larger streaming data feeds and combine machine learning to bubble patterns that humans cannot detect.
With these tools, data discovery can be geospatial or temporal, or natural language processing or traditional search can be used, for example, in many options.
Intelligent security also brings convenience.
Over the past 15 years, citizens have spent hundreds of thousands more hours at airports, deploying security measures designed to eradicate apple damage.
Now, customs and border patrols and the Department of Homeland Security, in collaboration with airports and airlines, are testing face recognition algorithms that use machine learning on streaming video to identify passengers in flight.
By applying real-
Time Face Recognition, these machines save passengers time.
They also avoided the trouble of checking documents many times during check-in procedures, security checks and boarding procedures, while ensuring the safety of the airport.
Whether we're talking about traffic or threat detection, the technology for analyzing extreme data influx from multiple large, streaming and/or unpredictable data sources is the same.
Calculating techniques for detecting, predicting and processing data-
Dense, Need Next-Generation, GPU-
Accelerate data analysis.
GPU databases like Kinetica not only provide real data-
Time analysis, but also automated, artificial intelligence-
Driving the analysis of entire historical and real-time corpus, streaming data in milliseconds, using violence-
Nvidia's Force Computing Ability(NVDA)
GPU for current job requirements-big data era.
Need an introduction to agpu database?
Read a quick overview here.
But these are just a few examples.
On the whole, from public utilities to services to security and so on, correct data technology can improve the quality and responsiveness of citizen services, urban planning and security.
For governments, this means that well-used data can ultimately provide efficient and new services.
For citizens, this only means a higher quality of life - that's the most important thing.
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