why energy saving led lighting replacing the cfl technology? - solar led flood light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-10
why energy saving led lighting replacing the cfl technology?  -  solar led flood light
Undoubtedly, we all want our house to be energy-efficient, so we do a few things, such as replacing old machines with new machines, or replacing old technologies with new technologies.
The same is true for indoor and outdoor LED lighting.
When we find that our electricity bill is higher than last month, we must reconsider our choice of incandescent lighting technology integrated into our house.
The lighting field has taken another step, introducing LED technology into the field of vision of ordinary people.
Those wavy CFLs(
Compact fluorescent lamp)
Lighting is developed from the lampshade of the whole hotel. We think we are doing our own work for the surrounding environment.
But now, LED lighting has become more flexible. It is changing CFL lighting and displaying it less naturally than we thought.
Although energy-saving lamps consume much more energy. -
It is more efficient than old incandescent lamp and the LED lamp goes out. -
Categorize them as energy. -
Efficiency and Life-span.
LED lighting is 30-
Energy-saving effect is 50% higher than CFL, and their lifestyle expectation time is 5 cycles longer than CFL. -
This is 50,000 times, not 10,000 times. (
And let's experience that many CFLs have a long car accident before they can get the best service life. ).
Risks of Energy Conservation-
Saving lighting has recently been widely discussed.
They contain very harmful mercury.
Because they are delicate, crushing will happen soon.
A lamp must be knocked over by a cat or a child, damaged, and the bulb smashed, exposing close relatives of the harmful substance, as well as fragments of the damaged cup.
Losing used lighting is also a challenge. Without effective reprocessing, it can be extremely dangerous to the environment.
Although energy-saving lamps are sold as natural alternatives to incandescents, they are not so good for you.
They emit dangerous ultraviolet rays and increase electricity. -
The magnetic pollution in the property leads to delicate personal health problems.
So why haven't LED lighting products completely replaced them?
As always, the problem is price.
The initial price of LED is still higher than that of CFL. In the long-
However, the terminology can be retained significantly, whether in terms of reducing electricity costs or in terms of the amount of electricity stored in the replacement of used lighting equipment.
Because LEDs are very strong and have no precise components, they are very flexible, so your financial commitment under one LED lamp can last for more than ten years.
The light bulb will be compensated more than it can for 20 years, so you've been saving cash for the next 80 years.
Finally, there is a natural energy. -
Efficient ecological lighting remediation measures-A friendly house.
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