why are remote nt communities switching to solar power? - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
why are remote nt communities switching to solar power?  -  solar energy traffic lights
The Daley River, also known as Nauiyu, has just become the first regional community to be fully solar powered during the day.
So why did they ask Elder switchNauiyu to explain that the community is looking for new and innovative ways to continue to take care of the land in an unprecedented way
A society of continuous development
"The sun is the giver of life, it is part of our indigenous culture, it is the giver of life, and we always look up to the Sun," said local man Mark Cassey . ".
"Now the sun will come down and shine [
Solar panels
Power our house and take care of the everyday aspects of life.
"It's always there, it doesn't matter where you go.
That's how it takes care of us.
"Completed this month, $6.
2 million the Daley River solar website contains lithium-
More than 3000 ion batteries are charged by solar panels.
This will enable the community's diesel engines to shut down during the day, which will save 400,000 litres of fuel per year.
"Traditionally this is the case, we have always been the people who take care of nature and now it's amazing to have solar power, and in the traditional sense solar power will also help nature for a long time," Nauiyu old Mili dark-
Said Rose.
The community also wants to get rid of diesel to eliminate the traffic of diesel trucks on remote roads.
"You know, in case we had a crash or something like that, it just saved a lot of people's lives, explosions and things on the road, so it's just a good idea, said Jayd Salzgeber, a resident of nauiyu.
"I think it's the best thing to generate electricity with the sun because you know the sun has 24/7 and it saves chemicals and things to use in the air, so solar energy is just a way.
"Nauiyu, located about 220 kilometers south of Darwin, was the first community to hit government renewable energy targets in the northern region.
Their solar base is also the first to lithium-ion battery.
The new government praised Nauiyu's efforts and said other communities would follow suit soon.
"Nauiyu is leading the way in testing new technologies and innovations on how you can integrate traditional diesel power plants into new solar and renewable energy production, so Nauiyu will definitely learn lessons for the rest of the country, said Gerry McCarthy, NT basic services minister.
"We look forward to being able to work with the future to provide more renewable technologies for our regional and remote centres to produce energy.
"The $55 million solar and battery storage project, co-funded by the territory and the federal government, will eventually provide 10 megawatts of solar energy in 28 remote communities.
So far, more than 10,500 solar panels have been installed to power more than 570 households in 10 communities and to create many local jobs.
The Nauiyu community says creating local jobs is another reason why they are making this change.
"There are people from the community who are involved in helping to build it all, and they are at a loss, I mean, especially if you have a hard time finding a job in a remote neighborhood like this, but there is always a chance to show up from time to time, which is a great opportunity for our mobs, "Miriam.
Said Rose.
The Indigenous side of Marindja Piening is a company that works on projects.
"Our role here is to come in and clean up the land and basically create the mat, so we drive the water wheel, dump truck, roller just to make it flat, and prepare for other infrastructure, "said David McDowell.
"They hire us, train us, build our skills, give us certificates, and so if we really leave the job, we leave with something, this is really great for our own people.
There is also work in progress.
"Electricity and water companies certainly have the opportunity to serve Bush's basic service personnel and assets," said minister McCarthy . ".
The Daley River community is fully invested in solar energy and has even decided to teach renewable energy courses in their schools.
"Their future is here, so they have to grow with it and they will know when they will grow up," Mark Cassey explained . ".
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