villagers use solar power to illuminate houses | kanpur news - times of india - solar powered flood lights

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villagers use solar power to illuminate houses | kanpur news - times of india  -  solar powered flood lights
Kampur: Not 100% of the villages in the Katri area are electrified yet, but residents have found a way to light their houses without electricity.
They use solar generators to disperse the darkness and run household appliances.
For Devina, watching TV is the most popular pastime after feeding cattle and doing housework.
Lata has also been clinging to her age of 14. -
An inch TV set after daily work.
Likewise, Rasimi likes to watch TV while feeding her children.
Without power connections, all these devices use solar energy to run televisions and other appliances.
Floods have entered several other villages in Devnipurwa, Dhramkhera, Pahadipurwa and Katri, with a few poles in half. -
It was submerged, but solar lights still illuminated houses and driveways.
These villages have two types of solar power generating units. -ups.
Larger Solar Generators-
UPS was installed in the village and small UPS was installed in the mud. -
Villagers who can leave the flood-
Hit the area in time and bring their solar energy equipment-
UPS has placed them in temporary tents at the Ganges dam.
Although the district government has made the necessary arrangements to power the Ganges dam, some villagers are lighting their tents with solar energy. Roopmati, a 60-year-
The old lady said, "We don't have a power connection in Devnipova's house.
There are no street lights in this area.
This solar generating set-
The past often illuminates my soil. -
Houses and adjacent areas.
When we got to the barracks, we brought these weapons. -
UPS and they are helping us light up our tent.
"She added," We bought it by paying 900 rupees to the government.
According to the purchasing power of each villager, solar power generating units-
Several years ago, UPS with different capacities was installed in the village.
I can manage a small table. -
Fans, bulbs and televisions.
When asked about solar power generating units-
Interestingly, villagers in the small village of Devnipurva know how the device works. -
UPS converts solar energy into electricity. The villagers (all females)
The people sitting together agreed that the solar panels facing the sun were charged for the whole device. -
Once it gets dark, the setting-
Open up to receive power.
Lata said, "We are all very lucky. (family members)
Some of us arrived at the barracks in time, and before leaving, we brought all the necessary things, such as utensils, clothes, etc.
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